· July, 2006

Stories about Sri Lanka from July, 2006

Sri Lanka: Trade Unions and Development

  26 July 2006

Land Like No Other discusses trade unions in Sri LankaS, and if the comparison with developed countries accurately presents the case of trade unions and development. “Privatization is not a devil as these labour unions trying to emphasize. All they worry is, that they can't misuse the properties of these...

Sri Lanka: The implications of leaving Lebanon

Even as evacuation drives intensify in Lebanon, Moju explores the implications of Sri Lankans who will find themselves jobless and will need financial assistance. “This sudden stoppage of the funds could economically weaken many families making them vulnerable. Secondly these workers will be literally ‘jobless’ in Sri Lanka.”

Sri Lanka: Away from Lebanon

Only 300 Sri Lankans have been evacuated from Lebanon says Sri Lanka. “There are around 93,000 Sri Lankans currently working in Lebanon, 86,000 of them housemaids, said Jagath Wellawatta, Chairman of Sri Lanka's Foreign Employment Bureau. “

Sri Lanka: Before we get censored

  20 July 2006

Greenhornet.lk looks at neighbour India's blogspot block and reflects on lessons for those online in Sri Lanka. “Preservation of free speech should be the Sri Lankan Internet community’s number one priority in the coming months, since the loss of the tool itself is a far greater loss than ANYTHING that...

Sri Lanka: To the passport office

  18 July 2006

Scourge on a visit to the passport office. “Walking in to one of the Saivarr Kades in Punchi Borella, I looked around for free tables. There weren’t any; the place was full of government servants having breakfast.”

South Asia: Cricket scores

  12 July 2006

The Man On The Outer reflects on Zizou's headbutt controversy, and how cricket is an extremely challenging game. “Most require certain levels of skill, physical fitness and mental strength to succeed – but cricket demands far more in the last criteria.”

Sri Lanka: Tamil for the president

  10 July 2006

Thanesh poses a question on the nature of the Sri Lankan constitution. “Ok I heard from a friend that according to the constitution of Sri Lanka, a Sri Lankan Tamil or any other non-Buddhist for that matter will NOT be able to run for Office of the President.” The discussion...

Srilanka: Being young, female and a journalist

  7 July 2006

Cynically Yours on equality, gender and being a journalist. “The first disadvantage that came to my mind involved age, gender and profession. I'm not yet twenty, I'm a journalist and I'm female. This combination makes it very difficult for me to function to my maximum capacity as a journalist. “

Sri Lanka: Peace and War

  4 July 2006

Moju on women in Sri Lanka waging peace. “WE, the women of Sri Lanka, Singhalese, Tamil, Muslim and Burgher, irrelevant of race, caste, creed or religion, start our battle to wage peace against war.

Sri Lanka: Getting drunk, peace and football

  3 July 2006

Days go by… on the kind of peace Sri Lanka needs. “I spent the last weekend being too drunk to worry about the happenings of this country and it felt damn good to be free. I spent the last weekend wondering how two Latin-American football giants could not make it...