· June, 2006

Stories about Sri Lanka from June, 2006

Sri Lanka: Public service media

  30 June 2006

Voices of Reconciliation on the public appeal for Public Service Media in Sri Lanka. “As Sri Lankan citizens groups have been campaigning for public service media, we now call on politicians, public authorities, civil society and all media groups to unite around a program to enhance public service values in...

Sri Lanka : LTTE and Tamils

  28 June 2006

How far does the LTTE represents the interests of the Tamils in Sri Lanka? “The LTTE is not at all concerned about the rights, privileges, safety and security of the people in different communities and regions, let alone those of the Tamils living outside the Northern and Eastern Provinces.”

Sri Lanka: Law and Order

  22 June 2006

Azrael's world on law and order in Sri Lanka – “The situation in Sri Lanka makes it obvious that the situation in terms of law and order in Sri Lanka leaves a lot to be desired but that’s not the government’s fault. It’s ours and ours alone.”

Sri Lanka, UK: Culture and Bridges

  21 June 2006

London, Lanka and Drums on the Sri Lankan festivities in London. “Trafalgar Square was buzzing when we arrived at about midday. The band was starting to soundcheck, the usual stuff with a bloke counting into all the different microphones, the drummer doing a bit, the singer poncing around on stage...

Sri Lanka: Tamils and the Mainstream

  21 June 2006

Indi.ca on peace in Sri Lanka and why it involves being inclusive about Tamil culture and people. “If you want a United Sri Lanka then you want to live with Tamil people. It means that you want them as neighbors, co-workers and friends. It means that you want to see...

Sri Lanka: Military and the LTTE

  14 June 2006

How far is the Sri Lankan military sold out to the LTTE. Moju on “Defence hierarchy in the country was in for one of its biggest shocks last week when it was presented with a list of some 45 names – all from the security forces – who have been...

Sri Lanka: Tantrums in Oslo

  14 June 2006

Tiny Little Fractures on the LTTE – Sri Lankan Government talks in Oslo – “It looks like the Tigers are doing it again, walking out of Monitor Safety talks (not peace talks) because of the lack of ‘ministerial’ representation.”

Sri Lanka: History and hatered

  6 June 2006

Determing future, and what forgetting means in a war and conflict situation at The Blind Critic. “Well.. it's upto us to forget this war.. to move on.. To not even look at the younger generations of ours and tell them of this sick hate our ancestors brought upon this lovely...

South Asia: The Immigrant Dad in the US

  5 June 2006

Sepia Mutiny announces an online collaborative project, where readers are encouraged to send photographs of their dads who were South Asian immigrants after the 1965 Immigration Act to the US. “Remember that the main point of this is to capture through pictures what it meant to be a South Asian...