· May, 2006

Stories about Sri Lanka from May, 2006

Sri Lanka: The conflict and the death of a loved one

  31 May 2006

The death of a friend's father is a shocking reminder of the fragility of life in Sri Lanka for Indi. “The people dying aren’t youthful revolutionaries or radicals, these are just normal people. They have families and responsibilities and hundreds of people that depend on them in countless ways.” An...

Sri Lanka, India: The other side of LTTE

  31 May 2006

Kiruba on the other side of LTTE – “Back then, they were the good guys. The village folks were sympathetic towards their struggle and generally gave them good support. They were mainly looking for shelter and food and there was never a shortage of that in the village.”

Demystifying Tamil as a language and a person

  31 May 2006

What is Tamil? For some it's a language, for some it's a religion, for the uninitiated, wikipedia to the rescue. There is of course also the the Wikipedia in Tamil. For those who don't like reading pages and pages, google current has it all. From “what is Tamil” to “the...

Sri Lanka: Activism and the Online Medium

  30 May 2006

What does the online medium mean to those who engage with activism? ICT for Peacebuilding says “The crux of the problem is in the creation of content that is able to kindle the interest of those unused to the drudgery and often, very real danger, of activism on the ground...

Sri Lanka: M.I.A not welcome in the US

  25 May 2006

London rapper M.I.A who is of Sri Lankan origin, and sprinkles her lyrics with quite a few political statements has been denied a visa by the US. Moju on why this could be and what it implies for making political statements about the LTTE.

Sri Lanka: Da Vince Code Banned

  25 May 2006

The Da Vinci Code has been banned in Sri Lanka. Deane's Dimension on the issue – “On a more personal note, I, myself being a practicing catholic don’t think anything depicted in the movie (or the book) will change my prospective on the religion I was brought up on. The...

Sri Lanka: NGOs Attacked

  23 May 2006

Moju has statements issued by “two NGOs, Non-violent Peace Force and ZOA, who have been attacked in Trincomalee on Sunday.“

South Asia: Men and Women Online

  22 May 2006

Do men and women argue in different ways in online forums? Pickled Politics on gender, the way we argue and the differences. The comment space is especially interesting.

Sri Lanka: Last-Mile Hazard Information Dissemination

  19 May 2006

LIRNEAsia on the launch of the HazInfo Project “LIRNEasia launched the first phase of the Last-Mile Hazard Information Dissemination (HazInfo) project funded by IDRC, along with its project partners Sarvodaya, the largest community organization in Sri Lanka and TVE Asia Pacific (TVEAP), a non-profit media organization working in the Asian...

Sri Lanka: Failed States Index

  18 May 2006

Questioning if Sri Lanka has failed as a state on FocuSLanka. “Sri Lanka has been ranked 25, between Rwanda and Ethiopia, on the list of Failed States Index (FSI) as computed by the US based Foreign Policy & Fund For Peace.”

Sri Lanka: Sex, Women, Gaming and Peacebuilding

  16 May 2006

ICT for Peacebuilding has a post on women, peacebuilding and the image of women in gaming; pointing to some studies – “Ultimately, I think a lot of studies done on the effects of computer game violence simplify the complex matrix of factors and actors that shape our approach to conflict...

Sri Lanka: Peace, Women and ICT

  11 May 2006

ICT for Peacebuilding has a feature on women and ICT. “ICT4Peace needs to embrace this rich texture of gender dynamics in the development of cutting-edge ICT solutions for strengthening peace processes.”

Sri Lanka: Status Quo

  10 May 2006

Where does Sri Lanka stand now? While conflict is not in full swing, the frequent disruptions have put Sri Lanka in a status quo position – with no war and no peace says FocusLanka.