· November, 2006

Stories about Pakistan from November, 2006

Pakistan: World Islamic Economic Forum

  6 November 2006

Metroblogging Islamabad on the World Islamic Economic Forum. “This year the forum is opening under the theme of “Unleashing the Potentials of the Emerging Markets” and it will be organized jointly by Pakistan and the Asia Strategic and Leadership Institute (ASLI) based in Malaysia.”

Pakistan: Why I Blog

  4 November 2006

Light Within has a piece on why the author blogs. “I love the way ideas change when I blog them. I love that someone who reads something I write might see something I didn't realize was there. I love the conversation that takes a direction that I didn't expect. I...

Pakistan: Mobile phone companies

  4 November 2006

State of Telecom Industry in Pakistan on industry statistics, which companies are likely to do well and competition in a volume-heavy market. “But eventually as in saturated markets, if mobile operators want to avoid simply competing on price, they will have to compete on superior service, innovative features and ease-of-use....

South Asia: Identity and geography

  2 November 2006

Sepia Mutiny on identity and the word term South Asian. “If “South Asian” exists mainly in the imagination of the diaspora, does that make it less meaningful?”