· November, 2007

Stories about South Asia from November, 2007

India: Photographs of Chennai

  19 November 2007

Metroblogging Chennai has photographs from the Chennai Photowalk – an event organized to get some people together and click away as they walk around in the city.

Bangladesh: Investment and Disaster

  19 November 2007

At LirneAsia, a post discusses the incompetence of the Bangladesh Meteorological Department, and the government's lack of investment in the same – and how it contributed to greater devastation by Sidr Cyclone.

Rising Voices in Sierra Leone and Bangladesh

  17 November 2007

This week we highlight developments of two of the Rising Voices grantees in Asia and Africa. Interns at the Think Build Change Salone in Sierra Leone are starting to document their experiences while Bangladeshi women at the Nari Jibon center add video and photography to their skill kit.

Pakistan: Media and the UAE

  16 November 2007

Pakistan Politics on Musharraf's influence getting to the UAE – resulting in the Pakistani news channel Geo TV being shut in the UAE as well.

Bangladesh: Hurricane Sidr and the aftermath

  16 November 2007

Sidr is a category 4 Hurricane (deadlier than Katrina) raged its severest onslaughts packing winds of 240 kph (150mph) on the southern coast of Bangladesh from about 5:30pm Thursday to early Friday. Now it has weakened into a tropical storm and is moving across the country to the northeastern part...

Pakistan: Anti Jamait Protest

  15 November 2007

At the University of Punjab, events take a turn as students protest against IJT – who played an important role in getting Imran Khan arrested.

Nepal: Stupid Political Quote of the Day

  15 November 2007

Blogdai, as sarcastic as ever, takes a closer look at what the Maoists have to say. “So, if we follow all definitions of “Republic,” Prachanda is saying that we cannot establish an elected representative government until we agree to call ourselves an elected representative government.”

Pakistan: High School Kids Protest

  14 November 2007

A student protest in Islamabad voicing opinion against the emergency imposed in Pakistan [YouTube Link]. The high school kids got lathi-charged (Baton Charge) right after the footage finished according to Chapati Mystery.

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