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Stories about South Asia from May, 2007

Bhutan: Layap Community

  22 May 2007

Stunning photographs of the Layap community at Earth-Bound Insight. “My cousin, whom I’ve already mentioned as the one who took pictures of the Motithang batch, sent more photographs from his trip to Lingzhi. They had snow fall as they were crossing the pass above 5400meters above Sea level. And now...

Pakistan: Any woman in two minutes

  22 May 2007

Metroblogging Islamabad with some insight into the not too successful Prime Minister. “Shaukee's charm failed to work its magic on US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, according to a new biography of her. The book, titled Twice as Good: Condoleezza Rice and Her Path to Power. describes in excruciating detail...

Sri Lanka: On the Hijab

  21 May 2007

Married With Kids on wearing the Hijab and the changes in people's behaviour towards her. “My family, as a whole is not overly into religious identity, and stuff, and opt for a more secular look. I did too, but, somehow, a change within, was happening for quite a while when...

Nepal: The Nepali Congress and the Maoists

  21 May 2007

United We Blog! on the major points of discussion between the Nepali Congress and the Maoists. “Negotiations between the Nepali Congress and the Maoists are focused mainly on four issues: A. Return of seized property, B. Release of salaries for the combatants, C. Construction work at the cantonment sites, and...

India: Flying Coffins

  21 May 2007

Retire The Coffin hopes to mobilize opinion about the Mig 21, also known as the flying coffin. “This blog is dedicated to the memory of Squadron Leader Swapnil Sakar Pandey, who sacrificed his life on March 1st 2007, while trying to steer his burning aircraft away from populated areas. The...

Pakistan: The Budget

  21 May 2007

The Pakistani Spectator on the upcoming budget. “Prices of milk products is actually increased by 20%. How does a common man survive in such an economic situation. Up-till now currency reserve and reduction in debt payment have no impact on the life of a common man. Increase in salary in...

Bangladesh: On Pakistan and the US

  21 May 2007

Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying on how the US is supporting the Pakistani Military. “In pursuit of its War on Terror, the Bush Administration has been subsidizing General Musharraf and his military as they continue to cling to power in Pakistan. Pakistan is most definitely not a poster...

India: The trouble in Punjab

  18 May 2007

Indian Muslims on the ongoing conflict between the sects of the same religion in Punjab. “That brings me to some really troubling happenings in Punjab recently. Apparently there is a sect called Dera Sacha Sauda that claims a following of 15 million people. 15 million is a huge number even...

India: Mythology and culture

  18 May 2007

The Kerala Articles on similarities between various mythologies across the world. “There are many other similarities between the various mythologies in the world. It is not possible to cover all of them under the realms of a single post. But it is infinitely fascinating to learn more and more about...

Nepal, Bhutan: Bhutanese Refugees

  18 May 2007

Nepal Monitor summarizes the findings of a report on the plight of Bhutanese refugees in Nepal. “Bhutanese refugees languishing in the camps in Nepal and India should be free to choose between returning home or resettling in the US, says Human Rights Watch. In a 86-page report entitled, Last Hope:...

Bangladesh: On Wolfowitz

  18 May 2007

Wolfowitz's exit from the World Bank prompts imperfect world 2007 says. “his man who is responsible for so much death and destruction personifies the unreal world neocon thinking inhabits. If you remember he was the man who predicted that US soldiers would be feted in the streets of Baghdad after...

India: Democracy and Uttar Pradesh

  17 May 2007

Deepa's Web Log on the sheer “show of democracy” in the recently conducted elections in Uttar Pradesh. “In the heartland of India's largest state where women are by and large in purdah, a woman, from the lower caste, with no pretensions to sophisticated qualification or degrees or mannerisms, managed to...

Sri Lanka: Forcing families to give up children

  17 May 2007

Lankawatchh alleges that LTTE forces families to send their children to join their forces. “Reports from LTTE controlled areas reveal that the LTTE is on a fervent campaign to forcibly draft Tamil youth to fight the Sri Lankan government forces. The campaign called on every family in the LTTE controlled...

Sri Lanka: Is popularity evil?

  17 May 2007

Why do bloggers get cynical about the motives of other bloggers? A Voice in Colombo on why we blog. “What can I gain by creating a popularity for a nickname like Voice in Colombo? Contest to become the next Mayor of Colombo? (If I wanted that, I would start driving...

Pakistan: About Karachi

  17 May 2007

iFaqeer compiles reactions of Karachiites on the recent events in the city. “A lot of the discussion around what happened in Karachi starting on the 12th of May has been centered on the role of the MQM. I thought readers might appreciate reading the following exchange between a few people...

Nepal: Youth Communist League

  17 May 2007

United We Blog! on why the Youth Communist League's activities are unacceptable. “Prachanda and his rag-tag army committed the first blunder by declaring an armed rebellion back in 1996. Even if we agree on their claim that they raised awareness in the rural areas, the loss of human lives, infrastructures...

India: Plagiarism and MSM

  16 May 2007

Offstumped on plagiarism and how easily it comes to Indian MSM. “For long now Journalists in the mainstream media have derided blogs as banal and bloggers as plagiarists. Offstumped had challenged these attacks in the past with very charitable rejoinders , but this Sunday marks a new low in the...

India: Tasteless Advertising?

  16 May 2007

Sudeep's Diary points to advertising that appears to be offensive to certain communities. “How is it that such a blatant mockery of people belonging to scheduled castes and backward classes passing off without a resistance? Or has everyone taken the tagline too seriously?”

Nepal: Child Labour

  16 May 2007

Kathmandu Speaks on the vulnerability of children, as they are forced to work, or turn to addiction. “By ‘ketaharu’ or boys, the owner surely meant for minors and not others. I was shocked to see such an advertisement. It is illegal to hire minors, but the courage of this owner...

Bhutan: And now the Administrative Empire

  16 May 2007

Bhutan: For A Democracy follows up on the economy being controlled by the Wangchuks, and comments on the administrative empire. “Not only at the economy, the wangchuks have expanded their empire over the administrative circle of the country. This was meant to protect their interest and let there be no...

Pakistan: Check flags for the Czech

  15 May 2007

All Things Pakistan has some rib-tickling photographs of bureaucratic error. “. But right now the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic is visiting Islamabad, and the Capital’s PR people have adorned a number of (very) large banners to welcome him in the spirit of good hospitality. The only problem is...

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