· June, 2006

Stories about South Asia from June, 2006

Bangladesh: Children in the developing world

  20 June 2006

Mash at Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying reflects on the recent illness of his little daughter and illness in the developing world – “It takes only commitment and some resources from the developed world. The $10 billion we spend every month in Iraq could instead change the face...

India: Living with HIV

  19 June 2006

Lives in Focus had a videolog of an interview with Raj, a person living with HIV. “Raj is among the approximately five to ten percent of the global HIV+ population that was infected through contaminated blood five years ago. The World Health Organization (WHO) estimated in 2003 that nearly seven...

Nepal: The Inside Stories

  19 June 2006

In Nepal, Inside Stories are the flavour of the month. “One interesting fallout of the summit between the de facto leaders of the “old” and “new” Nepalese states is the rapidity with which the inside stories can now be expected. And, boldly enough, Maoist supremo Prachanda has led the way.”

Bangladesh: An elegy

  19 June 2006

An elegy for Bangladesh at ElectrikBlues. “for those who think i’ve declared death prematurely, be assured, we’re at war. we’ve got the guns, we’ve got the bombs, we’ve got the fighter jets (and more on the way). but we’re not sure who the enemy is, or what it is we’re...

India: Technology and Culture

  16 June 2006

Perspectives on technology and culture in India. Dina has a set of interesting observations on technology, usage and hardware in India.

Nepal: Ceremonial Monarchy

  16 June 2006

United We Blog! on the future options for Nepal's king given political suggestions that ceremonial monarchy be retained.

Nepal: Contradictory Maoists

  16 June 2006

As the Maoists criticize the King, Nepali Netbook points out the contradiction. “A day after Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala emphasized the urgency of retaining a ceremonial monarchy in the interest of peace and stability in Nepal, Maoist supremo Prachanda issued an ultimatum to King Gyanendra: abdicate or face execution.”

Pakistan: Travel Writing and the Internet

  16 June 2006

Shirazi reflects on travel writing and the internet. “The Internet that is wrongly considered a pedestal for instantaneous scribbles mixed with emoticons and indecipherable abbreviations has already become a place to find some good travel literature, travelogues and travel stories in addition to online trading of travel services. It can...

Reunion: Chikungunya Epidemic Confirmed

  16 June 2006

LSZ Blog, a health-related blog covering Southern Africa and the Indian Ocean, writes (Fr): “It seems that Chikungunya fever has reached a quasi-pandemic dimension with more than a million people infected during the past 24 months in a large geographic area encompassing the East-African equatorial coasts, the Indian Ocean islands...

India: Culture specific nursery rhymes

  15 June 2006

A hilarious post on Domain Maximus as a response to the govenrment in one state deciding that traditional nursery rhymes were to be done away with. He comes up with a bunch of side splitting new ones that are more culture specific.

Pakistan: Germany's Economy

  15 June 2006

Light Within on the impact on Germany's economy thanks to the World Cup. “Last time the world paid so much attention to Germany was 16 years ago when the (Berlin) Wall came down. During ongoing World Cup 2006 German government, businesses, economists and politicians are hoping for a kick, to...

Nepal: April Revolution and after

  15 June 2006

History is rewritten rather fast after the April Revolution in Nepal. United We Blog! on “Meeting half a dozen Janaandolan (People’s Movement) victims who are trying to cope with post-treatment life, our blogger probes beneath their dreams, desires, anxieties and sorrows and concludes that they have become forgotten heroes.”

Nepal: A democratic future

  15 June 2006

International Nepal Solidarity Network on ensuring a democratic future for Nepal. “Many organizations and individuals are collectively organizing a national conference entitled Citizens’ Initiatives for Future-2 on Asar 3-4, 2063 (June 17-18, 2006) at the premises of Tribhuvan University's central campus at Kirtipur. The main objective of this conference is...

Bangladesh: Alternate Healthcare

  15 June 2006

imperfect world 2006 on alternate healthcare in Bangladesh. “The experience has left me dazed but at the same time has given me a wonderful insight into healthcare – both modern and alternative – as it operates in Bangladesh.”

Sri Lanka: Military and the LTTE

  14 June 2006

How far is the Sri Lankan military sold out to the LTTE. Moju on “Defence hierarchy in the country was in for one of its biggest shocks last week when it was presented with a list of some 45 names – all from the security forces – who have been...

Sri Lanka: Tantrums in Oslo

  14 June 2006

Tiny Little Fractures on the LTTE – Sri Lankan Government talks in Oslo – “It looks like the Tigers are doing it again, walking out of Monitor Safety talks (not peace talks) because of the lack of ‘ministerial’ representation.”

Nepal: Media and the Government

  14 June 2006

Nepali Netbook on the intricate relationships between the politicians, diplomats and the media. “It turns out the royal government paid up to 99 journalists or media organizations to carry favorable coverage.”

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