· October, 2010

Stories about South Asia from October, 2010

Bangladesh: On Secularism

  22 October 2010

“Being a secular state should be a unique nationalist stand point of Bangladesh,” opines Nayeem Hossain at E-Bangladesh.

Pakistan: Marriage Of Convenience

  22 October 2010

Tamashbeen at All Things Pakistan finds it disgusting that 23-year old Azhar Haidri of Multan, Pakistan has become a media celebrity by marrying two women within 24 hours – the woman he was engaged with and the woman whom he claims as “his true love”.

Debating Animal Cruelty During Nepal's Dashain Festival

  21 October 2010

Nepalese around the world celebrate the fifteen day long Dashain festival with gusto as it brings communities and families together. But, lately this popular holiday has been criticized for a number of reasons but mainly animal cruelty.

Pakistan: Ethnic Violence In Karachi

  20 October 2010

“Karachi continues to be the target of alleged ethnic killings as death toll of such targeted killings has reached an alarming 75 in the past four days,” informs Guppu.com.

India: Mobile Phones & Security

  20 October 2010

In India, “nine out of ten women reported feeling safer due to their mobile phones”, informs Priyanka Matanhelia, who is researching on mobile phone usage amongst youth.

Pakistan: The Case Of Missing Persons

  20 October 2010

CHUP! – Changing Up Pakistan discuses about the Pakistan’s missing persons, “people who have disappeared under the government label of ‘terrorism suspects’ since the 9/11 attacks.”

India: Village Health Issues

  18 October 2010

Brijesh Nair visited a village in the state of Tamil Nadu in India and found that the drinking water infrastructure in a “lower caste community” was in poor condition causing health issues among the village people.

India: Twitter For Blood

  18 October 2010

Suresh C introduces to us an innovative tool in India called tweet4blood. Developed by Thejesh, this Twitter based tool lets you request for blood to followers @tweet4blood who are donors. Tweets are also hashtagged city wise for easy finding.

Bhutan: Archery And Poor Safety Measures

  17 October 2010

KarmaCW at Kuzu Bhutan Weblog writes about the popularity of archery, the Bhutan’s national sport, and the need to establish proper safety regulations to prevent freak accidents.

Sri Lanka: Artists Are Outcasts Of The System

  16 October 2010

Makuluwo at Cerebral Ramblings describes how the students pursuing creative arts and literature in Sri Lanka are considered an outcasts of the system and because of it many of them resort to a safe path.

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