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Stories about South Asia from April, 2007

Bangladesh: The Politics of Exile

  24 April 2007

The Bangladeshi blogosphere heated up reacting to the drama of the process of exiling the two powerful lady politicians of Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina Wazed and Begum Khaleda Zia crowned the center stage in Bangladesh politics in the past few decades. They spearhead two different ideologies in Bangladesh, which instead of...

India: The Left and History

  24 April 2007

Jaffna takes a close look at how the Left has dominated the interpretation of history in India all these years. “One could disagree. The importance of the Gupta period did not lie in its political hold over the Indo-Gangetic plain from the Hindu Kush to Assam and its links with...

India: On Corporate “Greed”

  24 April 2007

My Himachal on corporate play in the state. “Hydro-electric power projects of private firms in Himachal Pradesh are being pushed by local officers who have made it clear to the people that they have vested interest in these projects. Officers of the state government have tried to influence local activists...

Pakistan: The Hypocrisy

  24 April 2007

the olive ream sums up global politics. ““I before E except after C” is a mnemonic device that helps me remember the rule for spelling certain words in the English language, such as deceive and siege when I’m describing the actions of the Bush Administration. There’s also a less known...

Bangladesh: Fighting the Army

  24 April 2007

The breathless pace of developments in Bangladeshi politics explained by Mash. “The drama over the weekend unfolded on three continents. The first crack in the military’s plan occurred when the Bangladesh High Court responded to a Habeas Corpus petition filed on behalf of Khaleda Zia protesting the military government’s action...

Bangladesh: The guys who made Bangla Blogging easy

  24 April 2007

Tanvir meets people at Somewhere.in, the guys who made blogging in Bangla that much easier. “Hasin bhai is one of the genius programmer currently working for Somewhere In. He also developed Bangla interface of wordpress, as I heard from Mr. Arild. Mr. Arild is the Coordination Head of Somewhere In....

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh: 1857

  23 April 2007

chapati mystery on the 1857 Mutiny (or the First War for Independence) and how historians choose to interpret it. “Colonial historiography on the Rebellion quickly cemented around John Kaye’s immense three volume A History of the Sepoy War in India, 1857-1858 (1868) which portrayed the Rebellion as the mutiny of...

India: Life, kids and drudgery

  23 April 2007

The Mad Momma on tailoring life to suit the kids. “Someday they will hear some other mother say that she was bored at home with her children and that it was drudgery.. and my children might wonder if I felt the same about them. I know I would hate to...

Pakistan: Panjpeer Rockies

  23 April 2007

An Islooite's day out at Metroblogging Islamabad. “I was surprised this Sunday to find one of the best kept secrets of Islooite outback. I have never seen such rock formations and hills made of of huge sandstone boulders stretching for miles. And I named them the “Panjpeer Rockies””

Nepal: On Bloggers and Citizen Journalism

  23 April 2007

Kathmandu Speaks on BLOGBAN. “But questions do arise about the real motif behind the formation of any formal association. Although I’m also on the favour of a formal organization, Ghanshyamji (Ojha) had very legitimate concerns about the future of BLOGAN’s working committee members. Yes, I agree that when money comes,...

Bangladesh: Political Crisis

  23 April 2007

Voice of Bangladeshi Bloggers on the political games in the country. “The election reform could bring the political reform, rather the military backed government chose to plunge itself in political in fight. The question remains unanswered when we ask who will benefit from this political crisis. Obviously, it does not...

Nepal: Bloggers Form Association

  23 April 2007

Twenty-four bloggers from capital Kathmandu gathered on Saturday April 21 to discuss the formation of Bloggers Association of Nepal (BLOGAN) for the promotion and protection of blogs and blogging in the tiny Himalayan country where blogs are yet to be recognized by the population.

India: They way we write about India

  20 April 2007

The Indian Economy Blog points to lopsided opinions in a newspaper. “The tale of India’s billionaires, Sahota writes in conclusion, is also the story of her suicides, as if one were responsible for the other. To mix the two is to commit a double offence: first, it demeans the achievements...

Sri Lanka: Travel and Economics

  20 April 2007

The Truth Around Us on the politics and economics of travel and vehicles. “So why doesn’t the government at least reduce the tax on vans to benefit the common person. Well the answer is a Win-Lose, Lose-Win situation. If the government reduces the tax on vans, no one would buy...

India and Bollywood Buzz

  20 April 2007

This week Bollywood was the dominant topic of conversation among bloggers. Bollywood dominated for a couple of reasons.  The first one is the wedding of the year or the decade or the century however you want to dub it. If you missed the news then here it is: Bollywood's hottest pair...

Pakistan: ISPs

  20 April 2007

Tee Emm on Pakistan has a post on the ISPs doing business. “The News is saying that at least two groups, one of which is from UAE, wants to take up the smaller ISPs in the country in an effort to capture the left-over Internet part of the telecommunication sector...

Bangladesh: Remembering Madhabi

  20 April 2007

Morris the pen revisits Madhabi. “Remember Madhabi Majhi? She was the girl who was allegedly thrown from a balcony in Dhanmondi last year and narrowly escaped with her life. Her story was charted here in the magazine, and the last we saw of her, she was safe at the BNWLA...

Maldives police accused of torture and killing a young man

  20 April 2007

Torture by Maldivian police on detainees has come under spotlight once again with the discovery of a badly beaten body from water in the morning of April 15 in the capital Male’. The young man Hussain Solah was under police custody a few days before his death. Even though the...

India: Starry Weddings and News

  19 April 2007

DesiDabba comments on the media frenzy over a star-studded wedding. “The emphasis seems to be more on generating news than reporting news. Agreed that the marriage in first family of Hindi film industry would be a news gold mine but bombarding the viewers with the same news over and over...

Nepal: The Maoist Attitude

  19 April 2007

United We Blog! has a sharp-worded post on the attitude of the Maoists. The post evokes an interesting discussion in the comments space. “Because of its confusing stand, the Maoist in the past few days is behaving like an unsure and stubborn kid that is throwing everything that handy and...

Bangladesh: Two parties and a Military strongman

  19 April 2007

Mash on political developments in Bangladesh. “The military strongman who has taken control of Bangladesh, Lt. General Moeen U Ahmed, is systematically purging the two most popular political parties in Bangladesh. Together these two parties enjoy overwhelming support in Bangladesh and have both held power after close elections during the...

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