· April, 2010

Stories about India from April, 2010

India: ‘The First Cry’ Blog Contest

  14 April 2010

Chennai Moms.com has announced a blogging competition to celebrate International Mother's Day in May. The contest has been named as “The First Cry”, which will choose the best from mothers’ blog posts describing their first baby birth experience.

India, Pakistan: Sania-Shoaib Mania Rolls On

  12 April 2010

The Shoaib Malik and Sania mirza wedding controversy rolls on as the media is feeding on the mania and millions of people in India and Pakistan remain engrossed with the story. As the couple prepares for their marriage overcoming obstacles, the diatribes continue elsewhere.

India: IPL And Indian Entertainment Channels

  8 April 2010

Bhatnaturally informs that Hindi general entertainment channels have seen a 10.5 per cent drop in the overall share during the Indian Premier Leage (IPL cricket tournament) period this year. The blogger asks: “is IPL competition to Hindi TV channels?”

India: Efficacy Of The Right To Education Bill

  7 April 2010

Sandeep Bansal at Looking Beyond The Obvious blog comments on the efficacy of the newly introduced right to education bill in India: “mere passing of the Right to Schools (Education) is not going to change anything significant unless coupled by any change in the delivery mechanism.”

India: The Naxalites Continue

  6 April 2010

“The reason why Naxalites have been able to sustain their insurgency for so long is due to three main reasons: the absence or failure of governance; the romanticism and propaganda of their overground sympathisers; and, finally, due to the relatively subliminal nature of their violence,” comments The Acorn while discussing...

India: Wheat Harvest In North India

  5 April 2010

“Have you seen wheat being harvested in North India?” asks Deepa Krishnan at Desicritics. She then takes us to a long walk into a golden-yellow wheat field in Rajasthan with her photo-essay.

India: Death Penalty for Honour Killing

  1 April 2010

Sumanth at Desicritics comments on the recent debate in India – whether death penalty for honor killing is justified: “If couple of people are hanged till death for honor killing in a year or two, then these well planned murders will come to an end.”