· June, 2009

Stories about India from June, 2009

India: The Twittering Minister

  13 June 2009

Shashi Tharoor becomes the first Indian minister on Twitter and this has sparked a debate: “Should government ministers use Twitter to keep the public informed of their daily activities?”, informs Sepia Mutiny.

India: Tipaimukh Dam FAQ

  11 June 2009

The New Horizon posts a detailed FAQ on the controversial Tipaimukh Dam project in India and its consequences on India and Bangladesh.

India: The Future Of BJP

  11 June 2009

Rajesh Jain posts a series of commentaries on the future of BJP, which had a disappointing performance in the recent Indian Elections 2009. (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3)

India: Treatment Of The Dalits

  11 June 2009

Amit Varma points to a picture by Ritesh Uttamchandani which brilliantly captures the treatment of people of the Dalit caste in India. The blogger comments: “I’d also bet that there are hazaar (thousands of) people out there who wouldn’t see anything odd in that boy sitting under the table. Such...

India: Ignorance About North Eastern India

  10 June 2009

Paritosh Chakma at Musings Of A Chakma writes: “what irritate me in Delhi most are two things: (1) Ignorance about my native state, Mizoram, and (2) ignorance and insensitivity towards my physical attributes.”

India: Do Not Evict The Chakmas

  5 June 2009

Paritosh Chakma at Musings of a Chakma draws attention to the fact that in Mizoram state of India the land of many Chakma indigenous population have been acquired by the government to make way to border fencing along the Mizoram-Bangladesh border. “There is no plan to rehabilitate the displaced Chakmas...

India: Liberalizing The Education Sector

  5 June 2009

While discussing the recent increase of attacks on Indian students in Australia, Atanu Dey opines that the Indian Education sector should be liberalized, so that the Indian students do not have to go abroad for higher studies.

India: First Female Speaker Of Parliament

  3 June 2009

Aparajita reports that senior Congress leader Meira Kumar created history today by taking oath as India’s first female speaker of the Lok Sabha. This election proves that: “women are becoming more powerful day by day. Instead of being dominated by others they are going to dominate the country in the...