· November, 2007

Stories about India from November, 2007

India: Poor Boy, Rich Girl

  7 November 2007

GreatBong comments on the case of Rizwanur Rehman, a young man killed because he married a girl from a family much richer than his. “if the families were woefully maladjusted economically, then the union was doomed to ultimate failure”

India: Henna and Weddings

  7 November 2007

Kamat's Potpourri on how “Mehendi” or “Henna” – which is traditionally associated with North Indian weddings has become an integral part of the wedding rituals in the South.

Sri Lanka: Death of LTTE's Thamilselvan

  7 November 2007

Thamilselvan, Tamil Tigers’ political wing head was killed along with five of his colleagues on Friday. [link: BBC]. Thamilselvan was the public face of the LTTE and his death has devastated many Tamils. However, as is in the case of such men, his death also highlights the controversial role of...

India: On being Sexual

  5 November 2007

Confessions from the Closet on the labels on sexuality – bisexual, lesbian etc, and on admitting to be a “sexual being”.

India: Bangalore – Infrastructure and Barcamps

  2 November 2007

Bangalore is the focus of this post. Bangalore is the capital of the southern state of Karnataka and and is often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India. Once known as the “garden city” of India, the city has morphed into a sprawling metropolis with poor infrastructure and a...

India: No Toilets

  2 November 2007

India Daily on how 80% of people in India have no access to a toilet. A sobering thought considering the World’s 7th World Toilet Summit is going to be held in India this week.

India: The “But” People

  1 November 2007

South Ways reacts to the “but” people – like the ones who say “I am not against gay rights, but…”. All prompted by the reaction to Rowling's statement about Dumbledore being gay.

India: Gujarat, Media and Neutrality

  1 November 2007

GreatBong has a thought provoking post, asking what exactly it was that a recent sting operation carried out by a media organisation has achieved.