· November, 2006

Stories about India from November, 2006

South Asia: Tasers and students in UCLA

  18 November 2006

An Iranian-American student at UCLA was repeatedly shot with a taser for passively resisting arrest. Sepia Mutiny has more – with a video shot by an eye-witness, who uploaded it to YouTube. (note – not graphic, but the audio has the student screaming with pain.)

India: Dying on the street

  18 November 2006

Some days back, a car was driven over sleeping people on a pavement in Mumbai. The reactions range from furious to shock. However, Dilip reminds us that the value of life is may be a lot less if the person in question is a migrant. “Those who were killed were...

India, Sri Lanka: The death of Milton Friedman

  18 November 2006

The death of Milton Friedman has some reactions. Deane's Dimension from Sri Lanka on the loss of a man who's never been met. Patrix and India Uncut have some more reactions. “Well, maybe it's because many of the things he stood for are values I hold very close to my...

India: Gender Bias in the Domestic Violence Law

  16 November 2006

The Greatbong points to the gender bias in the new Law dealing with domestic violence. The law appears to assume that all victims are female and all perpetrators are male. “That is, I presume (and I am no legal expert) that the gender of the victim and the perpetrator of...

Blogging About India, NRIs, Bollywood and Ice Cricket

  16 November 2006

New blog aggregator, what does it take to buy a home in Bangalore, NRIs, English  Bollywood , ice cricket are some of the things we look in this round-up. There is a new blog aggregator from India with a different voice.  Check it out, it is called Blog Bharti. The...

China: Touchy topics

  15 November 2006

BBS forums used to be the venue of choice to make oneself seen and heard in the Chinese blogsphere, until blogs came along and most of the biggest and best BBS names took their reputations and readers and set up their own spaces. While BBSes, some in blog+BBS hybrid form,...

Pakistan, India: Foreign Affairs

  15 November 2006

The affairs between India and Pakistan are determined by the political affairs and turmoil within. PWC-ing explains. “A quick peace is always sought by the party most likely to lose from the perpetuation of the status quo.”

India: Activism at the India Social Forum

  14 November 2006

Rantings, ravings and musings of a twenty somebody goes to the India Social Forum and finds the mood to be rather activist. “And I realize that Indian Social Forum is the biggest mela for all kinds of social activism. I am amazed that there are so many people who care...

India: The India Social Forum and The Great Indian Picnic

  14 November 2006

Jhansi Ki Rani goes to the Indian Social Forum (part of the World Social Forum) and reflects on what she calls the Great Indian Picnic. “I realised that the vast collective was almost like a little India. Everyone was there. from rickshawpullers in Delhi, to Women's groups in Kalahandi to...

Trinidad & Tobago: Opposition leader complains to Indian VP

  13 November 2006

The Manicou is even more appalled than usual at the conduct of Trinidad and Tobago's leader of the Opposition, who took the opportunity to complain to the vice president of India, who was in Trinidad on an official visit, that Trinidadians of Indian origin were victims of political persecution: “Obviously...

India: An American Child

  13 November 2006

Even when parents don't plan to stay outside of India for too long, they try and give birth to children in the US despite the lack of family support. The Mad Momma explains “It was just one thing – and they all made it abundantly clear – the fact that...

Voices from South Asia

  13 November 2006

Bangladesh: Asif of Unheard Voices: Drishtipat Group Blog analyzes the current political situation in Bangladesh and urges all the Bangladeshis to take a non-partisan moral stand to get out of the current crisis. Andrew Morris writes an essay in Desicritics about the historical faces of Dhaka city titled Bangladesh Diary:...

India: Numbers and Opinions

  9 November 2006

Kafila on the use of numbers in the media and beyond in gauging public opinion, reflecting aspirations and instant voting on cellphones on people's fates. “With the spread of cheap computers and design software in the 1990’s the statistical image became ubiquitous, standing in as an explanation of the contingencies...

India: Women and The Cosmopolitan

  8 November 2006

An interesting (doubtless that it will be controversial) way to look at women's empowerment. By looking at back issues of the Cosmopolitan! Kamla Bhatt writes “Now, comes the important $60 billion question. Has the role of women changed or is it just a cosmetic change that we are witnessing in...

South Asia: Macaca, YouTube and Elections

  8 November 2006

Quite a few blogs have had a reaction to the elections in the US. Sepia Mutiny reflects on the Macaca incident that was widely blogged. “There was a bit of gallows humor following the “macaca” gaffe that the use of racial slurs might actually help George Allen, but that turned...

India: Hyphenated identites and on turning Canadian

  7 November 2006

What does it mean to change one's nationality? Lotus Reads on the occasion of turning Canadian. “few years ago saying they were Indian-Canadians would have seemed unpatriotic, but these days it seems everyone is happy to embrace their hyphenated identities, so I say it with pride: my kids are Indian-Canadians!”

India: Being Osama in New York on Halloween

  6 November 2006

The author at Synchroni-Cities decides to dress up as Osama for Halloween in New York. Fascinating account of what people observe. “people chose to laugh, rather than being angry or afraid of a brown man dressed as ‘Osama’, and in downtown New York, not so far from the WTC. And...

India: Punjab, Globalization And A Brief History

  6 November 2006

a reader's words on Punjab, a brief political and economic history and questions on the future of the state and identity. “What implications would these new processes have for the manner in which we have imagined Punjab and Punjabiyat – within the national and global contexts? Will the processes of...

India: Testimonies on street harrasment

  4 November 2006

Blank Noise Project puts some testimonies together and calls out for more action against sexual harassment on the streets. “don’t expect anyone to think of me as their sister or mother, but to really look at women as citizens who have every right to be out on the streets, without...