· July, 2005

Stories about India from July, 2005

India: Bridges

20 July 2005

Indian blogger Dina Mehta points us to a website called Bridges, an attempt to use photography and storytelling to build cultural bridges among children.

India: Blogger Meetup

20 July 2005

Kiruba Shankar announces that there'll be a Chennai Blogger meetup this weekend.

India: Tag Cloud on DesiPundit

18 July 2005

DesiPundit has added a tag cloud reflecting recent topics of discussion; apparently they've been talking a lot about Harry Potter…

Voices from the Wiki

  15 July 2005

Part of the human and technical magic that allows Global Voices to function is a lively wiki, where users around the world are able to tell us about blogs and websites we should be paying attention to, and where we're able to jointly edit documents like the Guide to Anonymous...

Death Ends Fun: Tiny slice

14 July 2005

Dilip D'Souza on the similarities between American and Indian newspapers and what it means to be informed.


14 July 2005

Indian blogger Dina Mehta will be on a panel about globalization, blogging, and women at the Blogher conference at the end of the month.

Good Days & Bad Times

12 July 2005

The Indian blog Good Days & Bad Times reports on the return of the arranged marraige… and the kids who want it that way. Found via Desipundit.

South Asia Friday Blog Roundup

  8 July 2005

India Uncut: “This isn't just an attack on the UK … they're an attack on a way of life and a value-system, one that is dear not just to Western countries, but to millions in the developing world, like me.” While bemoaning the loss of life, Chien(ne)s Sans Froniters points...

South Asia Thursday Blog Roundup

  7 July 2005

The Nepalese blog United We Blog! covers, with photographs, an anti-monarchy student protest in the city of New Baneshwor that was marked by violent confrontations with the police. The protest was in response to official celebrations marking the King's birthday. Bangladeshi blogger Rezwan is delighted to find that his blog...

South Asia Daily Blog Roundup

  6 July 2005

Sri Lankan blogger Indi Samarajiva says that the Live 8 manifesto, if implemented, will simply turn the third world into a giant welfare state. Vantage Point points out that the Delhi water board will start limited privatization of the water supply soon; he hails this as another crack in the...

South Asian Daily Blog Roundup

5 July 2005

Rohit Gupta, writing in Chien(ne)s Sans Frontieres, is frustrated by writers of Indian decent who've never lived in India calling themselves “Indian writers”; he's delighted to to read an interview with Rana Dasgupta, who refuses to call himself an Indian writer even though he lives there now. Youth Curry on...

Monday South Asia Blog Roundup

  4 July 2005

Now that KO’s internet access has finally been restored, he lets his opinion of PCTL, Pakistan’s national telephone company, be known. Hint: it’s not exactly positive. United We Blog takes a long look at the pressure felt by Kantipur Publications, Nepal’s largest independent media organization. The Indian blogosphere is starting...