· November, 2010

Stories about Bangladesh from November, 2010

South Asia: Steep Bandwidth Price

  21 November 2010

The cost of Internet bandwidth has to be reduced across Asia, which remains more than 300% expensive than the western hemisphere, argues Abu Saeed Khan at LIRNE Asia.

Bangladesh: Traveling On The Roof

  18 November 2010

Hundreds of thousands of people left Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh for the Eid holidays. There is usually a mad rush in the public transport systems during this time and photo-blogger Monirul Alam caught the exodus on camera which shows hundreds of people traveling on the roofs of a train.

Bangladesh: Discrimination In The Middle East?

  18 November 2010

“Would there be any lashing if they were white Europeans or Americans?” – so reacts Jyoti at Unheard Voice on the news that a Filipina maid and her Bangladeshi lover had received punishment of 100 lashes and deportation for having sex out of wedlock in Sharjah.

Bangladesh: The Missing Flight

  14 November 2010

Shahidul Alam shares the bitter experience of waking up early and going to airport to catch a flight of a Bangladeshi airlines- only to find out that the flight shown in the ticket has been closed for a few months.

Bangladesh: Fire Destroys Chakma King's Palace

  12 November 2010

Wasfia Nazreen at Unheard Voices reports that the Royal Palace of Chakma Circle Chief, Raja Devasish Roy, was burnt to the ground last Wednesday. The Chakmas are an indigenous community that inhabits the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh and the North-East region of India.

Bangladesh: Where Is My Library?

  8 November 2010

“Where did all those libraries go, that our fathers used to go to?” questions Nayeem Hossain while discussing about the disappearing libraries in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh In Winter

  5 November 2010

“No matter what country you live in, in winter, your country takes a different look and feel,” comments Sajib in his post about winter in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Our Own Obama

  4 November 2010

“He has surprising similarity with an ordinary Bangladeshi man in the street, no one can absolutely make any mistake about his Bnagladeshi root by looking at him,” comments Rumi at Unheard Voice on the first Bangladeshi-descent congressman elect Hansen Hashem Clarke.

Bangladesh: Bringing Order To Traffic

  3 November 2010

Photoblogger Ershad Ahmed posts some photos depicting the efforts of Bangladesh police to bring order to the chaotic traffic and stop unauthorized jaywalking in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh.