· August, 2010

Stories about Bangladesh from August, 2010

South Asia: Bloggers On The ‘Ground Zero Mosque’

  29 August 2010

The recent debate on the planned Islamic Center/Mosque near the site of the September 11, 2001 attacks in New York, USA has been reverberated in many blogospheres around the world. In this post we will look at snippets of some interesting conversations on this issue by a number of South Asian bloggers.

India-Bangladesh Relations Is Necessity Driven

  26 August 2010

“The present India Bangladesh Relations are mostly necessity driven (could be told reality driven), not that much of Ideology driven, which was showed at the 70s of last century;” opines Kazi Mohoshin Al Abbas at Groundreport.

Bangladesh: An Important Recognition

  20 August 2010

Andalib at Cadet College Blog discusses [bn] about the recent decision of Bangladesh election commission to recognize “sex worker” as a profession in the voter ID.

Bangladesh made boat reaches France

  18 August 2010

Bangladesh Watchdog informs that an ‘unsinkable eco-friendly’ boat made of jute fibre has reached the coast of La Ciotat, South of France after an eight month long journey from Bangladesh. The mission of the sail was to highlight the problems Bangladeshi fishermen are facing due to global warming.

Bangladesh: International Internet Gateways Do Not Support IPv6

  13 August 2010

Ahamed Bauani is concerned that the two International Internet Gateways (IIGW) operational in Bangladesh do not support IPv6 and “do not have any plan to do so”. The blogger advocates for creating a group to pressurize the government to take step to connect Bangladesh with IPv6 network via IIGW.

Bangladesh: Even No Water To Wash My Teeth

  10 August 2010

“On the fifth day, today, 10 August, I discover I don't have any water to brush my teeth, not to talk about other purposes;” thus Ekram Kabir at Kotha Chhilo (I have something to tell) blog tells the story about one of the agonies of living in Dhaka city –...

China: Visa tales

  8 August 2010

With all the economic growth in China over the past few decades and a growing number of global travelers to match, have visa requirements for Chinese citizens been adapting in step? Well-heeled journalist Chen Zikun shares his experiences, see if or how any of them compare to yours.

Bangladesh: Visitors Share Their Thoughts On Grameen Ventures

  5 August 2010

This summer, eight students and faculty members from the Master of Public Administration program of the Northern Kentucky University in Kentucky, USA are completing an internship at Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. They have made numerous field visits and are recording their experiences in their blogs using texts, pictures and videos.

Bangladesh: The Future Of Religion Based Politics

  4 August 2010

An Ordinary Citizen discusses the future of religion based politics in Bangladesh in light of the Supreme Court verdict on the fifth amendment of the constitution, which reverted the country back to the 1972 secular constitution.

Pakistan: Lessons From bangladesh

  3 August 2010

Yasser Latif Hamdani at Pak Tea House lauds Bangladesh's efforts in banning the religious politics in the country and thinks that Pakistan can win the battle against Taliban by learning from Bangladesh.