· July, 2010

Stories about Bangladesh from July, 2010

Bangladesh: One Child to Rebuild a School

  28 July 2010

All it took was one child to talk about his destroyed school in front of a camera: through the following months, thanks to Shawn Ahmed of the Uncultured Project and Nerdfighters, the world rallied through YouTube and raised enough money to rebuild the school.

Bangladesh: Minimum Wages Raised In Garments Sector

  28 July 2010

After long protests and bargaining with the employers and the workers, the Bangladesh Government has decided to raise the minimum wages to Tk. 3000 per month ($44) which is approximately double of the current minimum wages. Bloggers discuss how this impacts the workers and the industry.

Bangladesh: Five Million CFLs In A Day

  26 July 2010

Ashok Sarkar reports that last month five million high quality CFL bulbs were distributed to Bangladeshi homes under “Efficient Lighting Initiatives of Bangladesh (ELIB)” program breaking a new world record.

India, Bangladesh: Tackling Energy Crisis

  16 July 2010

Sowmya Suryanarayanan at Strategic Foresight Group discusses about the need to enhance energy security for both Bangladesh and India to tackle the looming energy crisis.

Bangladesh: Silence Of The Fans

  12 July 2010

Back To Bangladesh talks with a Bangladeshi football fan to understand why the Worldcup craze waned in the country – of course after the early departures of their favorites Argentina and Brazil.

Bangladesh: How Can One Protest?

  7 July 2010

After the Bangladesh police foiled a peaceful and democratic protest of the opposition, Rumi Ahmed at In The Middle Of Nowhere asks “how can one protest in Bangladesh?”

Bangladesh: Extra Judicial Killings

  4 July 2010

Syeed at Unheard Voice writes about the gruesome torture of a father in front of his 7 year old son by Bangladesh police, who was later found dead. This is one example of numerous extra judicial killings by the security forces in Bangladesh.