· June, 2010

Stories about Bangladesh from June, 2010

Bangladesh: Poverty In Numbers

  26 June 2010

An Ordinary citizen highlights the results of a recent survey of BSS (Bangladesh Statistical Bureau) which is focused on basic requirements enjoyed by the people of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Netizens Surprised By Bandwidth Export Move

  19 June 2010

Bangladesh has one of the slowest and most expensive internet connections in the world and only about a quarter of the bandwidth capacity available is being used. Now the government has issued an international tender to lease out a big chunk of that capacity which irked some netizens.

Bangladesh: Turnaround In Mayor Election

  18 June 2010

Shada Kalo analyzes the reasons for the surprise win of the BNP supported Monzur Alam over the Awami League candidate ABM Mohiuddin Chowdhury in the Chittagong City Corporation mayor election.

Bangladesh: Save Dhaka Now

  17 June 2010

Anwarul Kabir at Mukto Mona blog analyzes Dhaka's unplanned growth which is causing many dire consequences like water-logging, pollution, changes in hydro-geological system, and building collapse.

Bangladesh: The Toll Of Eve teasing

  16 June 2010

Pinky wrote this note before taking her own life: “when [my tormentor] pulled my scarf and harassed me physically in front of the house, onlookers at the scene laughed. Nobody protested.” Blank Noise blog highlights the eve teasing menace prevailing in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: The Nimtoli Inferno

  15 June 2010

In a photo essay Back To Bangladesh does a post mortem of the Nimtoli fire disaster in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh where a fire inside a building took 142 lives.

Bangladesh: That Facebook Girl

  14 June 2010

Aminul Islam Sajib was supposed to meet a girl he befriended at Facebook on his birthday. But the Bangladesh government slapped a Facebook ban. Read what happened next.

Bangladesh: The Death Traps

  12 June 2010

Photo journalist Abir Abdullah at ShahidulNews posts a photo essay on the recent tragic fire in a building in old Dhaka. With lack of building codes and absence of fire fighting measures, these buildings are open death traps.

Bangladesh: Desiring a Shantiniketan

  6 June 2010

Can Bangladesh copy the vision of the great poet Rabindranath Tagore and set up a Shantiniketan in the country? Badrud Doza, on his blog An Ordinary Citizen, writes that instead of trying to do so, the government should focus its energies on the betterment of the existing universities of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Burning Inside

  5 June 2010

Asif Saleh at Unheard Voice writes about a tragic fire in a building in the congested old Dhaka, where more than 100 people died and questions the fire safety measures and medical facilities in the Bangladesh capital.

Bangladesh: Newspaper Banned

  3 June 2010

Rumi at Unheard Voice informs that the Bangladesh government has banned (cancelled the declaration to publish) the vernacular daily Amar Desh and arrested its editor.