· April, 2010

Stories about Bangladesh from April, 2010

Bangladesh: Media In Despair

  30 April 2010

Maskwaith Ahsan at Voice Of Bangladeshi Bloggers discusses about the shutting down of a private TV channel in Bangladesh by the government and issues relating to it.

India, Bangladesh: The Distinctiveness Between Two Bengals

  26 April 2010

Before 1956, Bengali cinema meant cinemas from West Bengal (India) but the trend become distinctive afterwards in both the Bengals. Fahmidul Haq at Communication and Culture of Bangladesh comments that “the distinctiveness between two Bengals is getting clearer as time passes.”

Bangladesh: Confronting Energy Famine

  22 April 2010

Kh. A. Saleque at E-Bangladesh decribes the reason for the recent energy crisis in Bangladesh: “not only foreign investors but also the local investors are seemingly disinclined to invest at any segment of energy value chain.”

Bangladesh: Let Language Be Free

  20 April 2010

The Bangla blogosphere and Bangladeshi Facebook users are angry with protests as 'Avro', a freeware and one of the popular and widely used Bangla input systems, was accused as a pirated version of another proprietary Bangla input system 'Bijoy' and the Avro team was mentioned as hackers.

Bhutan: South Asian Leaders Meet For SAARC Summit

  18 April 2010

Bhutan is in a flurry of activity, gearing up for the upcoming SAARC (South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation) Summit. Here the South Asian leaders will discuss about issues like climate change, poverty alleviation, economic cooperation and curbing terrorism and will try to find a common ground.

Bangladesh: Images Of Pahela Boishakh

  15 April 2010

Ershad Ahmed at Dhaka Photo blog shares some colorful pictures of Pahela Boishakh – Bengali new year (1417) festivities. Expat blogger Paagli Didi, the Fulbright Scholar has more pictures.

Bangladesh: On Ideologues

  12 April 2010

Jiten Roy at Mukto-Mona comments: “It’s not easy to have a discussion with an ideologue because they believe in the absoluteness of their views, and their minds are closed; there is no room for accommodation.”

Bangladesh: Bangla Blogs At The BOBS – Meet Ali Mahmed

  11 April 2010

Bangla (Bengali) language blogs have been included for the first time in the Deutsche Welle's 2010 BOBS awards. We have interviewed Ali Mahmed (Shuvo), a leading nominee for the best of the Bangla blogs category, to learn about his blogging and the blogging scene in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Women Must Not Be Forced To Wear Veils

  9 April 2010

Shamim Ashraf at Straight from Bangladesh informs about a recent court ruling in Bangladesh which asserts that “none can force women, working at public and private educational institutions, to wear veils or cover their heads against their wills.”

Bangladesh: The Image Of The Politicians

  8 April 2010

An Ordinary Citizen points to the ever diminishing image of Bangladeshi politicians in the eyes of the people. “The common people are observing the developments, they could identify the deviations and one day they will discard them and stage a revolution,” comments the blogger.

Bangladesh: Kantha Artist And An Accidental Saint

  2 April 2010

Anil Advani introduces to us Surayia Rahman, a self-trained Kantha artist from Bangladesh. She “guided hundreds of poor women in Bangladesh to create masterworks – exquisitely embroidered tapestries that have been gifted to dignitaries and are admired in collections throughout the world.”

Bangladesh: The Cost Of The Truth

  1 April 2010

“It costs the efforts of many to deliver a piece of truth to the masses,” comments Mehedi Rahman on the recent verdict of the Bangladesh supreme court to reopen the censored photo exhibition titled “crossfire“, which depicts the extra-judicial killings in the country.