· March, 2010

Stories about Bangladesh from March, 2010

Bangladesh: Aktel Becomes Robi

  30 March 2010

Aktel, one of the leading cell phone service providers in Bangladesh, has renamed its brand as Robi in an attempt to ‘localise’ its branding. Bangladesh Corporate Blog analyzes consumer reactions through netizens’ eyes.

Bangladesh: Trial Of War Criminals Begin

  29 March 2010

After 40 years of independence of Bangladesh, the government has formed a tribunal to prosecute the war criminals of the country. An Ordinary Citizen writes about this long awaited trial.

Bangladesh: Disappearing Islands

  25 March 2010

Reacting on the news that disputed South Talpatti island in the Bay of Bengal has submerged due to sea level rise, Mohammad Farhan Husain writes about the bleak future of Bangladesh in the face of global warming.

Pakistan: Child Abuse On The Rise

  23 March 2010

The term ‘child abuse’ covers a wide array of very diverse kinds of crimes subjected towards the minors. Bloggers discuss the disturbing rise in child abuse cases in Pakistan.

Bangladesh: Government Websites Hacked

  22 March 2010

Ahamed Bauani informs that twenty district websites of Bangladesh out of sixty four were hacked recently. The blogger suggests that the Bangladesh Government should take the incident seriously and install proper security measures.

Bangladesh: Mobile Based Donations

  21 March 2010

Shehzaad Shams at Bangladesh Corporate Blog suggests with examples that mobile phone based programs for collecting donation can work for Bangladeshi NGOs.

Bangladesh: Much Ado About Nothing

  8 March 2010

Maskwaith Ahsan at Voice Of Bangladeshi Bloggers discusses about the acrimonious politics in Bangladesh which deals with unproductive issues and not the important ones. “How come we never see this ferocity of political competition when it comes to ensuring basic necessities like food, shelter, security and human rights?” asks the...

Bangladesh: Photo Competition For The Bihari Refugees

  7 March 2010

Six Oranges reports that a photo competition titled Ummid (hope) has been arranged to mark the second anniversary of the granting of citizenship to stranded Biharis (Pakistanis) by the supreme court of Bangladesh. The competition will bring attention on the problems of the refugees that still remain.

Bangladesh: Save The Wounded Whale

  4 March 2010

A whale entangled with a latch of fishing net on its tail fins was seen by a tourist group in the Swatch-of-No-Ground (SONG) of Bay or Bengal, the largest submarine canyon on the Bangladesh shelf. Kewkradong urges for a cumulative action to save the life of the wounded whale.

Bangladesh: Salty Tears

  3 March 2010

Photo blogger and journalist Monirul Alam highlights the threat of salinity and lack of drinking water in the Southwest coastal region of Bangladesh with his photo-essay.

India: The Taslima Nasrin ‘article’ that cost two lives

  2 March 2010

Sans Serif discusses about the controversial article on the burqa by Taslima Nasrin, the exiled Bangladeshi author. After the article was published in the weekly magazine section of a Kannada daily, protests erupted and two persons had died.