· October, 2009

Stories about Bangladesh from October, 2009

Bangladesh: Daylight Savings Time Confusion

  30 October 2009

Last June Bangladesh implemented Daylight Savings Time for the first time in the country. Expat blogger Meandering Memos writes about the confusion created among the citizens as the government has decided not to revert to the old timing.

Bangladesh: Sidewalk Bookseller World And Best Sellers

  28 October 2009

Ulysses at Back To Bangladesh wonders how the sidewalk booksellers in Dhaka streets, who sell cheap bootleg bestsellers during traffic jam, pick up which books to sell. The blogger asks: “do people buy these books because there is nothing else affordable? Or do they really read these books?”

Bangladesh: Doctors Need To Be Disciplined

  27 October 2009

Syed ABM Ashrafuzzaman thinks that in Bangladesh the existing laws relating to medical profession are anti people. The blogger urges that the doctors need to be disciplined by banning all their trade union like organizations.

Bangladesh: Conference On 1971 Genocide

  26 October 2009

Mash attended the 2nd conference on the 1971 Bangladesh Genocide organized by the Human Rights Institute and the Bangladesh Genocide Study Group at Kean University and posted about it in his blog Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying. “The focus was on eyewitness accounts, documentation and memorialization of the...

Bangladesh: Difficult Time For Journalists

  20 October 2009

Mahadi Hasan Talukder reports that the Bangladeshi journalists are passing through a difficult time because local corporates, non-profits and multinational companies have gripped the Bangladeshi media sector and are exploiting their influence on them.

Little Bangladesh In Los Angeles

  19 October 2009

Taz at Sepia Mutiny informs that the 3rd Street between Alexandria Ave and New Hampshire Ave in Los Angeles, USA will be officially called as ‘Little Bangladesh’ from now on.

Bangladesh: No Business Channel

  19 October 2009

Ten new private TV channels have been approved by the media regulators of Bangladesh but none of the 21 channels in operation in the country are business channels. Bangladesh Corporate Blog wonders why the Bangladesh business sector “would be deemed so negligible so as not to deserve any attention in...

Bangladesh: Article On War Criminals Censored

  15 October 2009

Following a legal complaint Guardian.co.uk has censored portion of an article by a Bangladeshi academic who wrote on the upcoming trial of war criminals in Bangladesh and an alleged war criminal currently residing in UK. Bloggers are protesting and Muktaangon (Bn) and The 3rd World View blogs have details.

Bangladesh: Lifelong Security

  14 October 2009

Rumi at Unheard Voice questions the need of the “father of the nation’s family members security act, 2009″, which was recently passed in Bangladesh parliament. This bill provides lifelong special forces security for the family members of the incumbent prime minister of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: The Dhaka Project

  7 October 2009

Maria Conceicao, a Portuguese flight stewardess based in Dubai, has founded the Dhaka Project, which helps the slum dweller children of Dhaka, Bangladesh to lift themselves out of the cycle of poverty and provide them education. As per the project blog, she has been nominated as one of the four...

Bangladesh: The Need For A Spiritual Guide

  1 October 2009

“We accept teachers and masters in our life – at school, college, karate classes, even for driving lessons. But for the most important thing – the spiritual journey of our life – we believe we can do without a guide…” comments Sadiq Alam at Inspirations And Creative Thoughts.