· July, 2009

Stories about Bangladesh from July, 2009

Bangladesh: Adulteration And Death Of Children

  29 July 2009

Unheard Voice comments on the death of a number of children in Bangladesh due to Diethylene glycol (DEG) poisoning after intake of a fever drug and the inaction of the authorities: “Our governments, under media pressure and public outcry, successively have bothered to resort to short term damage control and...

Bangladesh: A Concrete Island

  28 July 2009

When it rains it pours in Bangladesh. Sabih Uddin Omar woke up today and found himself in a concrete island: “It's water! Water everywhere! Water clogging the streets, water in the gardens, water in the backyard.”

An Indian's Perspective On Tipaimukh Dam

  27 July 2009

A Minority Of One comments on the controversial Tipaimukh Dam from an Indian's perspective: “I feel that the responsible course of action is to re-consider the project, or at least its scale.” The blog reminds Indians to look for options, “if not for the sake of humanity and neighbourliness, then...

Bangladesh: Connecting To The Asian Highway

  23 July 2009

Had I been in Voyager 1!!! opines that the current proposal of connecting to the Asian Highway is not useful to Bangladesh as “it will go through several land ports in Bangladesh-India border but not anywhere near our two seaports.”

Bangladesh: The Aged Student Leaders

  20 July 2009

Half of the newly appointed leaders of the student wing of the political party BNP of Bangladesh are in their mid 40s and the remaining are in their late 30s. Syed ABM Ashrafuzzaman questions: “how old should a student leader be? “.

Bangladesh: The art of the Nakshi Kantha

  15 July 2009

Sudipto Salam of Amarblog, draws our attention to the traditional Bengali art of the Nakshi Kantha (embroidered quilt). In this post [bn], he discusses the importance of the Nakshi Kantha, not only as a thing of beauty, but also as a reflection of socio-cultural imagery.

Bangladesh: Through The Eyes Of Expatriates

  12 July 2009

There is a vibrant expatriate community in Bangladesh and many of them work as volunteers or are employed in numerous non-government organizations. Some of them are also blogging and are sharing their experiences and these are generally true and more authentic than what is reported by the international media about Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Who was corrupt?

  12 July 2009

Syed ABM Ashrafuzzaman notes with concern that some members of the ruling party detained on charges of corruption are getting bails. He thinks that the time will come when the question will arise, “then who was corrupt in Bangladesh ?”

Communicating via missed calls

  11 July 2009

Uber Desi on the recent ICT research conducted by Lirneasia.net across 6 Asian countries. The findings indicate that communicating via ‘missed call’ signals is a common way for people to save on calling costs.

Bangladesh: Climbing Mt. Annapurna IV

  10 July 2009

Mohammad Farhan Husain at Had I been in Voyager 1!!! celebrates the feat of a group of Bangladeshis who climbed Mt. Annapurna IV, the first time for any Bangladeshi.

Bangladesh, India: Tipaimukh Dam And Farakka Barrage

  8 July 2009

Habib Siddiqui highlights the disastrous effect of the Farakka Barrage in India on Bangladesh and opines that if the Tipaimukh Dam is built for the hydroelectricity project, this will become another deathtrap like the Farakka Barrage.