· May, 2009

Stories about Bangladesh from May, 2009

Cyclone Aila, Another Blow to Bangladesh

  31 May 2009

Although cyclone Aila, which had battered the Southern parts of Bangladesh recently, was not powerful, it had done much damage causing tidal waves in the coastal areas. “Aila swept away many areas, which were still recovering from the hurricane Sidr,” updates, Life As I Know It .

Bangladesh: Waiting For The Community Radio Boom

  28 May 2009

Panos Radio South Asia airs a special report on the status of the community radios in Bangladesh. Following a progressive and pro-radio broadcasting law enacted by the government last year, 116 community radio stations are waiting for the final nod to be on air.

Bangladesh, India: No To Tipaimukh Dam

  27 May 2009

The Tipaimukh Hydroelectric Project is being constructed near the confluence of Barak and Tuivai rivers, in Manipur, India and within 100km of Bangladesh border. The project will submerge a huge portion of land, thereby making thousands of people homeless and threatening the habitats of Indigenous population in India. The downstream neighbor Bangladesh will also face severe environmental and economic consequences.

Bangladesh: Cyclone Aila Relief Efforts

  27 May 2009

The death toll from the destruction of cyclone Aila, which wreaked havoc in India and Bangladesh, is rising and more than 150 people had died in Bangladesh alone. The tidal waves caused by the storm has made hundreds of thousands homeless. BRAC blog writes about the cyclone Aila relief efforts.

Pakistan: Healing The Wounds Of The Past

  25 May 2009

Action For A Progressive Pakistan apologizes to Bangladeshis for the atrocities committed by Pakistan army in 1971 and criticizes the Pakistan government: “We find it unconscionable that the Pakistani state has steadfastly refused to acknowledge these atrocities for the past 38 years, leave alone hold those responsible for them accountable...

India: Cyclone Aila Strikes

  25 May 2009

Scores of people were killed and many injured in India and Bangladesh as cyclone Aila made a downfall in the region earlier today. Sukanya at Notes from wherever I happen to be… writes from Kolkata: “trapped as we were at work…while Aila created havoc. [..] Uprooted posts, torn wires and...

Bangladesh: Tipaimukh Dam Threatens Lives

  24 May 2009

Despite protests from within India and Bangladesh, India is going ahead with the construction of the massive Tipaimukh barrage on the Barack river near the border, which will reduce the water flow in Surma and Kushiara rivers in Bangladesh. Onnesha.tk brings up this concern that by depriving Bangladesh of life-giving...

Bangladesh: Improving Customer Service

  11 May 2009

Shehzaad Shams at Bangladesh Corporate Blog points to the lack of culture among Bangladeshi companies for valuing customer feedback and opines that its high time they should “apply Mystery Shopping techniques to evaluate and improve their customer services standards”.

Bangladesh: Rabindranath Tagore, The Versatile Literary Genius

  8 May 2009

On the 148th birth anniversary of Rabindranath Tagore, the greatest poet of Bengal, An Ordinary Citizen explores the versatility of the talented Nobel Laureate. He was a poet, visual artist, playwright, novelist, educationist, social reformer, nationalist, business-manager and composer.

Bangladesh: Faces Of Poverty

  6 May 2009

Ashley Wheaton at The Dhaka Diaries comments about the faces of poverty in Bangladesh: “Poverty can be determined not only by your income but by by your access to services, your ability to make decisions for yourself, your level of security, your place in society… It can be very deceiving...

Bangladesh: Duty On Imported Cars

Kotha-Chhilo criticizes Bangladesh government's customs duty policy on imported second hand cars: “The government increases duty on those cars that the middle class people buy. So, you see! Our government, our elites want to make life of the middle class difficult.”

Bangladesh: Closer To The First Nuclear Power Plant

  4 May 2009

Mohammad Farhan Husain, at Had I been in Voyager 1!!! blog is excited that Bangladesh is closing on a deal with Russia to build its first nuclear power plant. He comments: “If this deal goes through, it will put an end to the agony (power crisis) people of Bangladesh are...