· February, 2009

Stories about Bangladesh from February, 2009

Bangladesh: Why The BDR Massacre?

  27 February 2009

Shada Kalo analyzes the motives behind the BDR (Border guards) mutiny in Bangladesh and discusses the intelligence and negotiation failures as the horror of massacre of army officers by the mutineers came to light today.

Bangladesh: Massacre Cannot be Justified

  27 February 2009

“What do you call it when a group of ‘disgruntled’ BDR soldiers [Bangladesh border guards] started their expression of grievances by open-firing on the commissioned army officers? Mutiny? Rebellion? Revolt? Uprising?” asks Kotha-Chilo. The blogger concludes the post with: “BDR soldiers – now I feel ‘disgruntled’ at your massacre. I...

Bangladesh: Mutiny Is Over, But Question Remains

  27 February 2009

Yesterday it was a tensed day in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. The 33-hour long mutiny and siege by aggrieved lower rank officers of paramilitary forces BDR ended as they surrendered their arms in the evening at the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR) headquarters. According to news paper reports seventeen BDR members...

Bangladesh: Citizen Journalists Covering BDR Mutiny

  25 February 2009

Today morning Dhaka was rattled by a fierce gun battle inside the headquarters of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR – paramilitary border security force) situated in the heart of the capital. Rumors had started to fly and later it emerged that junior officers have taken control and locked up seniors officers in...

Bangladesh: BDR Mutiny And Gunfires

  25 February 2009

Unheard Voice is live blogging and posting pictures of gunfires and battles inside the headquarters of Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), the paramilitary forces of Bangladesh. Apparently this is a mutiny and senior officers were reported killed. More roundups and news are available at The 3rd World View and BDfact.

Bangladesh: Remembering The Language Martyrs

  23 February 2009

Desherchobi posts a photo essay describing how Bangladeshis commemorate the martyrs who gave their lives for their mother tongue Bangla on 21st of February, 1952, now recognized as the International mother language day.

Bangladesh: Accessorizing Patriotism

  21 February 2009

Bangladesh Corporate Blog thinks that “a time has come when we need to ‘accessorize patriotism’ somehow”. The blog suggests that Bangladeshis should brand something as small as a Gamcha (traditional cotton towel) to start with.

Bangladesh: Media vs. Parliament

  19 February 2009

An Ordinary Citizen points to an important aspect of the media coverage of the proceedings of Bangladesh parliament: “Media is to convey the news of the parliament as expected. Now, media is producing news of itself of matters which should have been discussed in the parliament.” Read the post for...

Bangladesh: Citizenship Amendment Act 2009

  14 February 2009

Tulip Siddiq writes about the newly enacted Citizenship Amendment Act, 2009 in Bangladesh which fixed the previous anomaly that children of any Bangladeshi woman marrying a foreigner would not be Bangladeshi citizens.

Bangladesh: Books By Bloggers

  13 February 2009

The history of Bangla blogging is relatively short. It was December 2005 when the first Bangla blogging platform was born. But soon more platforms came up and open source development in Bangla input systems eased Bangla computing across the globe and brought more people in blogging. The most encouraging aspect...

Bangladesh: International Telecom Policy

  13 February 2009

Rohan Samarajiva at LIRNEasia comments on the failing international telecom policy of Bangladesh, “illegal termination could not be controlled without bringing down international termination rates.”

Bangladesh: Exploring New Markets For Manpower

  12 February 2009

Bangladesh Corporate Blog is in favor of the Bangladesh government's decision to explore new markets for the Bangladeshi manpower, “why should we remain squeezed back to back against each other in (…) one of the smallest countries of the world?”

India, Bangladesh: BIPA Treaty

  12 February 2009

The New Horizon takes a closer look at the Bilateral Investment Treaty (BIPA) between India and Bangladesh and comments: “Bangladesh should take the treaty in positive frame of mind and try to exploit the conditions as much as they can. It is the same for India.”

Bangladesh: Happiest People On Earth?

  11 February 2009

Geoffrey Hiller asks some Bangladeshis to understand why Bangladeshis, one of the poorest nations in the world are also deemed as one of the happiest people on earth. Read their amazing explanations.

Bangladesh: Panam Nagar in Sonargaon

  11 February 2009

Bangladeshi Photographers (BP) group of Flickr organized a photowalk at the ruins of Panamnagar in Sonargaon, the administrative center of eastern Bengal under the Muslim rulers of Bengal which is situated near the capital of Bangladesh, Dhaka. Desherchobi posts photographs and details of the photowalk.

Bangladesh: The Six Hundred Thousand Dollar Cricketer

  7 February 2009

Back to Bangladesh comments on the Bangladeshi cricket star Mashrafee's remuneration, who recently was “sold” to an Indian outfit for $600,000 in an auction: “The amount may not be much compared to what Western sports stars make, but here it is staggering.”