· October, 2008

Stories about Bangladesh from October, 2008

Bangladesh: Banks dominate in DSE listings

  30 October 2008

Bangladesh Corporate Blog analyzes the capital market of Bangladesh and finds that banks dominate 11 of the top 20 spots of listed companies in the Dhaka Stock exchange (DSE). The blog opines that: “(the) domination of banks goes to show that the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) has failed miserably.”

Bangladesh: Radio regains its popularity

  29 October 2008

Ronnie Siraji writes in E-Bangladesh that in recent years Radio regained its popularity in Bangladesh thanks to the three private FM radio channels and built in FM radio technology in the ubiquitous cell phones.

Bangladesh: Community blogs and unique blogger identities

  29 October 2008

Arild Klokkerhaug of the largest Bangla blog community ‘Somewhere in..blog” describes the unique characteristics of the Bangladeshi blogosphere: “I guess there is no other country in the world that has a higher % of the bloggers connected through community blogs.” He calls for synchronizing unique blogger identities among the growing...

Bangladesh: Liberal Voices on the rise

  28 October 2008

Bangladeshis usually have strong political views and tend to lean towards a party of their choice. Many of them ‘religiously’ follow the dictations and deliberations of their leaders. However, An ordinary citizen reports that the voices of the liberal citizens’ groups are growing in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, India: Things that make your children taller, stronger and sharper

  27 October 2008

Recently two advertisements of childrens food products made by Nestlé and GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) aired by a Bangladeshi television channel were banned in UK. The Bangladeshi private TV channel NTV (not Nepali TV as some reports claimed) is rebroadcasted from UK to cover 58 countries in Europe and surrounding areas. The...

Bangladesh: Holiday Literary Supplements

  26 October 2008

Mahmud Rahman at cruel, crazy, beautiful world writes about the long tradition of publication of holiday special literary supplements of newspapers and magazines in Bangladesh. His post at Words Without Borders Blog reveals that these specials are a delight for both the readers and the emerging writers.

Climate Change: Increasing The Spread of Diseases?

  23 October 2008

Melting ice caps, rising sea levels and extreme weather patterns aren't the only potential consequences of climate change. Scientists are warning that changes in global climate may also endanger public health by increasing the spread of diseases and other health problems. The issue of climate change's impact on health is...

Bangladesh: An award winning E-governance site

  23 October 2008

The Brook Song (ঝর্ণার গান) reports that a Bangladeshi site “Votebd.org” won the Manthan Award 2008 on E-Governance category. The site tracks all the information related to contesting politicians and makes it available to people of Bangladesh.

Bangladesh: Milk and Melamine

  20 October 2008

Bangladesh corporate blog takes a satirical look at the controversy regarding the recent findings of melamine tainted milk powder in Bangladesh market and the government's inability to take quick actions against them.

Bangladesh: Sculptures, Bigots and Bloggers

  19 October 2008

A new controversy rattled Bangladesh last week. Authorities in Bangladesh were forced to remove five sculptures of Bauls (mystic folk singers) including Fakir Lalon Shah in front of the Zia International Airport in the face of protests from an Islamist group. They formed a sculpture prevention committee which pressed that...

Bangladesh: Eco-friendly house

  17 October 2008

Faizul Khan Tanim at My Bangladesh discusses whether eco-friendly houses would be an answer to the utility and housing crisis in Bangladesh coupled with environmental hazards.

Bangladesh: A safe exit?

  15 October 2008

An Ordinary Citizen analyzes the weaknesses of the caretaker (interim) Government of Bangladesh and blames it for making many compromises thinking of its safe exit.

Bangladesh: Consequences of military rule

  14 October 2008

Brigadier General (Retd) Syed ABM Ashrafuzzaman shades some light to the background of the military rules in Bangladesh and the frustrations the armed forces personnel face as they realize their contributions and devotion bears no fruit and appreciation from the politicians and bureaucrats.

Bangladesh: National ID card project for surveillance?

  13 October 2008

The Voter ID and the national ID card project in Bangladesh was completed recently by the caretaker (interim) government. The Bangla blogosphere has questioned the transparency of the project and is fearing whether the demographic information collected would be used for surveillance. Details are in E-Bangladesh.