· August, 2008

Stories about Bangladesh from August, 2008

Bangladesh: Anti-corruption drive halted

  22 August 2008

An Ordinary Citizen reports that the much discussed corruption cases against the politicians, businessmen and bureaucrats in Bangladesh have been halted at the corridor of the High Court.

Bangladesh: Shab-E-Barat festivities

  21 August 2008

Dhaka Dweller Shahnaz describes how the Muslim ritual Shab-E-Barat (night of forgiveness) is celebrated in Bangladesh and posts pictures and narratives of the traditional food culture it entails.

Bangladesh: Where is the gold medalist?

  20 August 2008

In the 2002 Commonwealth Games in shooting category, this years Beijing Olympic gold medal winner Abhinav Bindra of India won the silver medal and Asif Hossain Khan from Bangladesh won the gold. “Where was Asif in Beijing?” asks Mezba and finds out the sad truth.

Bangladesh: Is SAARC a paper tiger?

  19 August 2008

Ahmede Hussain of Black and Gray writes on the recently concluded South Asian Association for Regional Co-operation (SAARC) summit in Colombo and comments, “SAARC leadership must show brinkmanship to make the region an economic powerhouse.”

Bangladesh: Political slaves

  18 August 2008

ABM Ashrafuzzaman writes in Ashraf's column that Bangladeshi political leaders need supporters or followers, but not slaves. ”These slaves blindly support their respective leaders, even if such leaders are grossly wrong, corrupt and unpatriotic. These slaves are mostly created by sycophants, and dalals (paid agents) employed by a leader in...

Saudi Arabia: Slavery in the Gulf

Two weeks ago there were strikes and violent demonstrations by Bangladeshi workers in Kuwait, protesting low pay and poor working conditions. Following the demonstrations, more than two hundred workers were deported. In this post, two Saudi bloggers tell us what they think of modern-day ‘slavery’ in Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Gulf.

Will Bangladesh drown?

  11 August 2008

Bangladesh is a nation which is on the front line of the consequence of the climate changes. Being a populous river delta nation it faces the threat of sea level rise due to global warming. This threat is not new as often floods make hundreds of thousands of people homeless,...

Bangladesh: Working in Kuwait

  4 August 2008

a bengali in TO points to the case of Bangladeshi workers being ill-treated in Kuwait in the context of pan-Muslim movements.