· June, 2008

Stories about Bangladesh from June, 2008

Bangladesh: On Gorkhaland

  23 June 2008

Unheard Voices from Bangladesh takes a closer look at the Gorkhaland issue in India, and focuses on the apparent Bengali racism.

Bangladesh: US, Obama and Dreams

  5 June 2008

In the middle of Nowhere from Bangladesh remembers life as a graduate student in the US, and reflects on how Obama could have a great impact on segregation in the US.

  3 June 2008

Readers at Unheard Voices respond to the news of a major army reshuffle in Bangladesh.

Bahrain: In the Land of Law

Bahraini blogger Khalid is surprised with the knee jerk reactions taken by the government - after the Minister of Interior issued an order to ban issuing work permits for workers from Bangladesh - in a country which prides itself of being a democracy with laws and a constitution in place.

Bangladesh: EU and Illegal Immigrants

  2 June 2008

Words and Bites on a new EU directive in question, which deals with the deportation and detention of “illegal immigrants”, which many think may have serious human rights ramifications.