· February, 2008

Stories about Bangladesh from February, 2008

South Asia: Decline Scenario

  27 February 2008

Chapati Mystery on the idea of “decline scenario” in interpreting history – implying that South Asia was already in decline before colonization.

Are languages free? Thoughts on the International Mother Language day

  21 February 2008

Today is the International Mother Language Day, an annual event in UNESCO member states to promote linguistic and cultural diversity and multilingualism. This is mostly the international recognition of the Language Movement Day called ‘Ekushey February’, which is commemorated in Bangladesh since 1952. The date of 21st February was chosen...

South Asia: Managing urban growth

  20 February 2008

Development Industry on manging urban growth in South Asia – given that estimates suggest where over a third of the people live in urban areas.

Bangladesh: Hatered and a website

  19 February 2008

Voice of South on a A Saudi-based website, aiming to stir hatred against 1.2 million Bangladeshis working in the oil-rich Saudi Arabia.

Bangladesh: On human rights, and people across the border

  13 February 2008

In this weeks roundup we take a look at what different Bangladeshi blogs are talking about. On human rights- who is a human? Rumi of In the Middle of Nowhere discusses the death under custody of Mr. Qayyum Khan, an elected local government representative and a BNP (Bangladesh Nationalist Party)...

Come Explore New Videos at Rising Voices

  2 February 2008

The first round of Rising Voices outreach projects have already been training participants in underrepresented communities how to use the tools of citizen media for just over seven months now. Many of the projects are taking their media production skills to the next level by using Windows Movie Maker to produce short video documentaries that reveal the realities of the communities where they live.