· December, 2007

Stories about Bangladesh from December, 2007

Nari Jibon: Women bloggers and the dowry problem in Bangladesh

  28 December 2007

This week we look at some brilliant articles from Nari Jibon’s women bloggers. They discuss the menace of wedding dowries, which make the lives of poor families difficult by forcing parents to consider female children as burdens. Also, one NJ participant dreams of becoming president and changing the present society to an enlightened, educated and dowry-free society.

Bangladesh: The Musée Guimet affair

  24 December 2007

From January 2008 the Musée Guimet of France is holding an exhibition of the masterpieces of Ganges from the collections of the Bangladesh museums for the first time outside of Bangladesh. From the museum catalogue: “Bangladesh possesses an immensely important cultural heritage, this arising from the fact that the eastern...

Bangladesh: On Justice

  17 December 2007

Voice of Bangladeshi Bloggers on the renewed call for justice in the context of war criminals of 1971, and if it's just a ploy to hide the misdeeds of the current government.

Bangladesh: Documenting genocide

  17 December 2007

On Victory Day in Bangladesh, Rezwan announces “I have started a project supported by E-Bangladesh which will publish an online archive of all the available information, evidence, eye witness portraying the true story of the genocide committed by the Pakistanis in 1971″.

Bangladesh: Flying kites

  14 December 2007

Back to Bangladesh on memories of kite flying and the secret to winning – the application of a gritty paste called maanja on the kite string.

Bangladesh: Release Arif

  13 December 2007

Addafication hopes that the cartoonist Arif is pardoned soon, given that some university professors were similarly pardoned recently.

Bangladesh: HIV/ AIDS

  12 December 2007

Voice of South on another kind of a disaster that could hit Bangladesh – that of HIV/ AIDS.

Bangladesh: Undefeated

  11 December 2007

Mash on the release of four University professors. “The release comes after growing public outrage over the sentencing of these professors for a non-violent and silent protest. ”

Bangladesh: Genocide and Media

  3 December 2007

Mash on the suppression of media reports on the genocide in Bangladesh in 1971, and with links to the archives in various newspapers with articles on the same.

Blogging World Aids Day

  2 December 2007

Bloggers around the world marked World Aids Day on December 1 by speaking openly and strongly about HIV and AIDS. Each post is a tribute to the fight against the epidemic, which only grows stronger through silence and misinformation.