· August, 2007

Stories about Bangladesh from August, 2007

Bangladesh: under curfew

  23 August 2007

Civil unrest began in Bangladesh on the 20th of August when a petty dispute broke out concerning comments passed by armed forces personnel during a soccer match at a university gymnasium ground. An army camp has occupied part of the ground since the declaration of a state of emergency on...

Bangladesh: Aftermath of Flood

  21 August 2007

(The extent of flood in Bangladesh : Satellite Photo taken on August 3, 2007 courtesy Cegisbd) This year's floods have claimed 587 lives in Bangladesh so far. The floods have receded in most parts but fresh floods in many areas have disrupted affected people from going back to their homes....

Bangladesh: Dhaka University

  21 August 2007

Rezwan points to blog reactions on the trouble in Dhaka University, sparked by “comments passed by an armed forces personnel during a soccer match on the university gymnasium ground where an army camp is situated.”.

Bangladesh: Floating Classrooms

  20 August 2007

Voice of South on children learning on boats. “From a single boat in 2002, that provided very basic education to girls who had never been to school before, the project now has about 35 boats where both boys and girls can study up to the third grade.”

South Asia: Slaving in the Middle East

  17 August 2007

South Asian migrant workers (Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal) have a notable contribution in the developments of Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf region. But the abuse and exploitation of these workers is shocking and serious issue. Migrant workers fuel the engine of the economy but they are exploited,...

Bangla blogs: It's all about Taslima

  17 August 2007

On August 9th, the firebrand Bangladeshi author-in-exile Taslima Nasrin was attacked by a group of MIM (Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen) activists during a function held at the Press Club in Hyderabad, India. The MIM claimed that the author had made offensive statements against Islam during the book release function, thus inciting the...

Singapore: Meeting Mohammed Yunus

  16 August 2007

Singapore's foreign affairs minister describes his meeting with Mohammed Yunus, the Nobel laureate Bangladeshi banker. The minister also points to a micro-credit initiatives in Singapore.

Bangladesh: August in 1947 and 1990

  13 August 2007

The month of August and the flood of memories at Addafication. Partition in 1947, and memories of the author's family living in Kuwait in 1990, during the Iraqi invasion.

Bangladesh: After the floods

  10 August 2007

Mash on the aftermath of the floods in Bangladesh – displaced persons and lack of clean drinking water, posing a serious health hazard.

Bangladesh: Floods and havoc

  9 August 2007

The floods in South Asia are still causing havoc. imperfect world 2007 takes aerial photographs of the area around the Dhaka airport, showing large areas still under flood water.

Bangladesh: Enemy property act and Floods

  7 August 2007

In this weeks tour inside the Bangladeshi blogosphere we will discuss an old black law enacted in time of war being put to use by land encroachers and creating human rights abuse on minorities. We will also look at the dark truth that haunts women in Bangladesh and many parts...