· April, 2007

Stories about Bangladesh from April, 2007

Bangladesh: Water Bully

  30 April 2007

The 3rd World View on the Farakka Barrage. “Construction of the Farakka Barrage was started by India in 1960 unilaterally violating the international norms of any construction for diversion of water on any international river. It was completed in 1974 to divert Ganges River water into the Bhagirati-Hooghly River in...

Bangladesh: The Politics of Exile

  24 April 2007

The Bangladeshi blogosphere heated up reacting to the drama of the process of exiling the two powerful lady politicians of Bangladesh. Sheikh Hasina Wazed and Begum Khaleda Zia crowned the center stage in Bangladesh politics in the past few decades. They spearhead two different ideologies in Bangladesh, which instead of...

Bangladesh: Fighting the Army

  24 April 2007

The breathless pace of developments in Bangladeshi politics explained by Mash. “The drama over the weekend unfolded on three continents. The first crack in the military’s plan occurred when the Bangladesh High Court responded to a Habeas Corpus petition filed on behalf of Khaleda Zia protesting the military government’s action...

Bangladesh: The guys who made Bangla Blogging easy

  24 April 2007

Tanvir meets people at Somewhere.in, the guys who made blogging in Bangla that much easier. “Hasin bhai is one of the genius programmer currently working for Somewhere In. He also developed Bangla interface of wordpress, as I heard from Mr. Arild. Mr. Arild is the Coordination Head of Somewhere In....

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh: 1857

  23 April 2007

chapati mystery on the 1857 Mutiny (or the First War for Independence) and how historians choose to interpret it. “Colonial historiography on the Rebellion quickly cemented around John Kaye’s immense three volume A History of the Sepoy War in India, 1857-1858 (1868) which portrayed the Rebellion as the mutiny of...

Bangladesh: Political Crisis

  23 April 2007

Voice of Bangladeshi Bloggers on the political games in the country. “The election reform could bring the political reform, rather the military backed government chose to plunge itself in political in fight. The question remains unanswered when we ask who will benefit from this political crisis. Obviously, it does not...

Bangladesh: Remembering Madhabi

  20 April 2007

Morris the pen revisits Madhabi. “Remember Madhabi Majhi? She was the girl who was allegedly thrown from a balcony in Dhanmondi last year and narrowly escaped with her life. Her story was charted here in the magazine, and the last we saw of her, she was safe at the BNWLA...

Bangladesh: Two parties and a Military strongman

  19 April 2007

Mash on political developments in Bangladesh. “The military strongman who has taken control of Bangladesh, Lt. General Moeen U Ahmed, is systematically purging the two most popular political parties in Bangladesh. Together these two parties enjoy overwhelming support in Bangladesh and have both held power after close elections during the...

Bangladesh: Liberation and India

  19 April 2007

The 3rd World View on a young Indian politician's remarks over India's role in Bangladesh's liberation. “But hey something is missing from the picture. They have wiped out the context of the Bangladesh Liberation War and the tremendous struggle of the Bangladeshis for the independence. Needless to mention the millions...

Bangladesh: Khaleda and her hair

  17 April 2007

Biting wit at imperfect world 2007 on a politician being expelled from the country. “Well the big news is that the country is going to expel Khaleda. The main reason is that no one can stand her coiffure anymore, and she is being asked to go to a country where...

Bangladesh: Celebrating Bangla New Year 1414

  16 April 2007

Shuvo Bangla Noboborsho (Happy Bengali New Year) to everyone. April 14th was the first day of the Bangla year 1414 also known as Pohela Baishakh. In Bangladesh, this day is a national holiday and in West Bengal it is a public holiday. Now Bangladeshi bloggers will take us through the history, culture and celebrations of this event.

Bangladesh: Oh Ireland!

  16 April 2007

A heavy day for Bangladesh yesterday. Rezwan liveblogs the cricket match with Ireland. “24 Overs: Bangladesh is in real trouble with 104/5. Their front-line batsmen are all out. They tried to play too many shots instead of nudging around for singles like what Ireland did. Ireland is playing better here...

Bangladesh: The idea of South Asia

  13 April 2007

Unheard Voices on the dream for a more cooperative South Asia. “I’ve always been in love with the idea of a South Asian version of the EU – where Bangladesh played a key role of course – marching into 21st century as an Asian bloc with superpower ambitions. In my...

Bangladesh: A little less critical please!

  13 April 2007

Close Your Eyes and Try To See attempts to reason with bloggers to be a little less critical about the government. “A unique type of government is running the country which came into power in a very critical situation. During their 3 months in power, they have been enjoying vast...

Bangladesh: On the Bangladeshi Blogosphere

  11 April 2007

An article in publication, Slate on the Bangladeshi Blogosphere. “While by vocation Ahmede is a journalist, there is a growing band of bloggers who are bypassing the mainstream media in favour of their own to take up reporting of news or opinion analysis, via their blogs. These Citizen Journalists, springing...

Bangladesh: The Cricket Fan

  9 April 2007

a bengali in TO comes up with a list of likely give-aways of a person being a Bangladeshi cricket fan. “You also harbor grand delusions that no matter how bad the scoreboard is, someone will come and smash 100 runs in 30 balls or take 6 wickets in an over....

Bangladesh: In Conversation with Ravinder Randhawa

  5 April 2007

black and gray in conversation with novelist Ravinder Randhawa. “British-Asian writers may traverse all the territory from fantasy to reality, chick-lit to crime novels, but, in general, if a novel is by a British Asian author and has Asian characters it is immediately placed in the category of British-Asian novel....

Bangladesh: Mohiuddin's Trial

  5 April 2007

Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying on the fairness of trials. “The Bangladesh desk of Amnesty International responded to an enquiry from Drishtipat, a Bangladeshi Human Rights organization, regarding their position on the deportation of convicted terrorist Mohiuddin AKM Ahmed to Bangladesh.”

Bangladesh: Redefining democracy

  4 April 2007

Since the declaration of the state of emergency in January 11, 2007 Bangladesh is going through a major political shift. In a graft busting operation more than 150 senior politicians, top civil servants and businessmen have been arrested. The list includes influential ministers from past regime, MPs from the major...