· December, 2006

Stories about Bangladesh from December, 2006

Bangladesh: Dr Yunus and rhetoric

  27 December 2006

Dr Yunus's speeches of late have been filled with a slightly neutral tone observes Drishtipat. “However, to me when I hear him stress on holding any election rather than a good, credible election, he seems to be trying too hard to keep the status quo.”

Bangladesh: Cricket in the country

  23 December 2006

the 3rd world view reviews cricket in Bangladesh over the last year. “Year 2006 was a very successful year for Bangladesh Cricket as they won 18 one-day internationals, eight in a row, out of 28 games.”

Bangladesh: A divided nation

  21 December 2006

drishtipat on Bangladesh as a divided family, with parallels drawn on quarrels in slums and the blogosphere. “Well, we, 150 million people are divided into two groups in support of two families who are trying to somehow grab the ruling power of the country.”

Bangladesh: Islam, Bangladesh and Secularism

  20 December 2006

Me, Myself and Bangladesh on secularism in the context of Islam, South Asia and Bangladesh. “Now the problem gets even complicated when it comes to Islam and secularism. The first conflict is ideological. Islam is a complete way of life and since most Muslims are Sunnis and to them Islam,...

Bangladesh: Submarine Cables and the Economy

  20 December 2006

Drishtipat on the possible impact of submarine cables on the economy. “I think IT offshore work and back-end BPO can really be that much needed strong second industry to textile that our economy is so depended on and narrowly focused on.”

Pakistan, Bangladesh: In conversation with Uzma Aslam Khan

  18 December 2006

black and gray in conversation with the author of Trespassing, Uzma Aslam Khan. “The Soviets were in Afghanistan, Pakistan was ruled by its most brutal military dictator, General Zia ul Haq, a United States ally (one Pakistani general referred to Pakistan as the condom through which America entered Afghanistan), billions...

Bangladesh: Dogs and their licks

  18 December 2006

a bengali in TO on the status of dogs in Islam and how cleaning a utensil with detergent to get rid of a dog's lick will suffice. “Involuntarily I stepped back due to years of training. I was going to go for prayers later and didn't want my clothes to...

Bangladesh: Remembering genocide and celebrating victory day

  18 December 2006

Some days are very special for a nation. 16th December is one such day for Bangladesh. Drishtipat Blog remembers the independence of Bangladesh 35 years ago. Time magazine December 20, 1971 named it “the bloody birth of Bangladesh“. For those who do not know why it is called so, Mash...

Bangladesh: Thirty five years ago

  14 December 2006

drishtipat on the killing of people 35 years ago 35 year ago to intellectually cripple the new country of Bangladesh. “Most destabilizing discovery was that of Rayer Bazaar. All of our national top doctors, professors, linguists, scientists were among the eviscerated dead bodies found here.”

Bangladesh: A strike in Calcutta

  14 December 2006

imperfect world 2006 on being caught in a bandh (strike) in Calcutta. “My brave taxi driver was scolded mercilessly for breaking the bandh by a bunch of CPM lumpens comrades”

South Asia : People, Prayers, Movies and Politics

  13 December 2006

The latest buzz from different blogs from South Asia: Bangladesh: - Mezba of a Bengali in TO, a Bangladeshi expat living in Canada describes why is it beneficial to sacrifice an animal back to his country during Eid-ul-Azha. - Rumi of Drishtipat predicts the fate of Bangladesh's future if the...

South Asia: Muslims and Christmas in the UK

  12 December 2006

Pickled Politics points to an article by one of the authors in the Guardian. “That is, erm, me in a short article in today’s Media Guardian having a sarcastic dig at the tabloids for their annual idiotic headlines that proclaim ‘Muslims want to ban Christmas!’” Watch out for the 187...

Bangladesh: Going to RIS

  12 December 2006

A bengali in TO is rather tongue-in-cheek about suggestions for those going to an event for Muslims called Reviving the Islamic Spirit. “Some women will be without hijab. Such women do exist. Deal with it. The hair of a woman is a beautiful thing. Meanwhile, some men will pray with...

Bangladesh: Human Rights and Health

  11 December 2006

Drishtipat Group Blog on health issues in Bangladesh. “And finally there is a lack of appreciation of the gravity of the issue as a gross violation of basic human rights of the overwhelming majority.”

Bangladesh: Starting Over

  8 December 2006

Morris the pen on starting over. “This is part of a series of articles in the press raising awareness about survivors of rape, trafficking and other trauma.”

Bangladesh: Migrant workers in South Korea

  7 December 2006

imperfect world 2006 on Bangladeshi migrant workers in South Korea. “There are around two hundred thousand undocumented workers not registered with the authorities, many of whom are unemployed. They provide cheap labour, often in dangerous conditions.”

Bangladesh: Should India have helped Bangladesh?

  6 December 2006

Rediff, an Indian portal has a series on the Indo-Pakistan war of 1971 – which had a direct hand in the independence of Bangladesh. Drishtipat links to the same and feels the Bangladeshi perspective is missing. The comments for the post have interesting takes on history and the nature of...

Bangladesh: Take Back Bangladesh and Democracy

  4 December 2006

Journal of a disturbed mind on the Take Back Bangladesh forum and event. “So far the concert was a great start for young generation’s involvement in encouraging clean democracy. The performers performed for free to support this new movement.”

Bangladesh: Politics, More Politics and Bloggers

  3 December 2006

Politics: Blogs are said to be the mirror of a society. The recent political uncertainty in Bangladesh is troubling the citizens and taking up much space in the blogosphere. The nation is divided in two streams of political ideologies and one cannot stand another. Naeem Mohaiemen discusses Bangladesh politics and...

Bangladesh: Children and their resilience

  2 December 2006

morris the pen on a ten year old child who was rescued from a life of abuse. “Let’s not forget: we are talking here about a very young child, whose life experience already includes beating, torture and the threat of murder.

Bangladesh: Messages on Video

  2 December 2006

Salam Dhaka in a very brief post points to the growing number of videos on video sharing sites relating to Bangladesh. “On-line video is becoming a political tool for the growing web savy youths of Bangladesh. Political parties, social organizations, musicians are using it to spread their messages.”