· July, 2006

Stories about Bangladesh from July, 2006

The unshackling of Bangladesh

  31 July 2006

Tasneem Khalil reports that Bangladesh is the cover theme for August 2006 issue of Himal Southasian, South Asia's first and only regional magazine. The magazine's introspective comment: "Bangladesh is set to become a powerful member of the world community, once it deals with its difficult issues of mal governance and confrontational politics".

Bangladesh: Persecution of the Sufis

  28 July 2006

Sadiq Alam on why the Sufis were persecuted through history. “Because sufis often speak against injustice in the name of religion, they often speak against unjust rulers, they often speak against the unjust social practices.”

Bangla blogs discuss the Levant, war and violence

As the Israel-Lebanon conflict reaches alarming proportions, the heat can be felt as far as the Bangla blogosphere. While the bloggers here are unanimous in their denouncement of the escalating violence in the Levant, they are however, divided in their opinions about who should be held responsible for the current...

Bangladesh: Freedom fighters in business

  17 July 2006

imperfect world 2006 on doing business with a freedom fighter. “Basically he was saying that a freedom fighter loves his country and would therefore never defraud or cheat anyone. A kind of shorthand for declaring one’s personal integrity.”

Bangladesh: To The Right

  14 July 2006

Salam Dhaka on why BNP-Jamat is not great news for the country. “As long as this alliance stays in power, Bangladesh will continue to move to the right. Does that mean every BNP supporter is a fundamentalist? Offcourse not. In the long run, this government's close ties with Pakistan and...

Bangladesh: Childhood and after

  12 July 2006

The story of a difficult childhood at Black and Gray. “Children in the biggest shanty in town learn fast to cope with the challenge that life throws at them. Alauddin soon became a carrier of hashish; he would carry bundles of them to different peddlers in the locality.

South Asia: Cricket scores

  12 July 2006

The Man On The Outer reflects on Zizou's headbutt controversy, and how cricket is an extremely challenging game. “Most require certain levels of skill, physical fitness and mental strength to succeed – but cricket demands far more in the last criteria.”

Bangladesh: The immigrant parent

  10 July 2006

Drishtipat has a post on a Bangladeshi parent in the US grappling with all the medical advice being given to him before he goes to Bangladesh with his children.

Bangladesh: Energy Crisis

  5 July 2006

Drishtipat Group Blog on a response to the energy crisis in Bangladesh, that may have the answer. “Iqbal Quadir mostly known among the connoisseurs on global economy as the founder of Grameen Phone establishment has teamed up with the renowned inventor Dean Kamen to venture in to producing a high...

Bangladesh: Muslim in America

  5 July 2006

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying on being a Muslim Immigrant in America. “Even though I have spent most of my life in America I still carry the weight of being an immigrant and a Muslim in post 9/11 America. After 9/11 my loyalties were subject to question. Suddenly...

Bangladesh: Jhalmuri and Popcorn

  3 July 2006

Drishtipat on the changing face of street food in Dhaka. Jhalmuri replaced by Popcorn. “However when I was in Dhaka earlier this year, I found jhhalmuri vendors being replaced with popcorn vendors. You hardly can stop in any traffic light without being solicited to buy the pre packed popcorns.”