· June, 2006

Stories about Bangladesh from June, 2006

Bangladesh: Kawran Bazar

  30 June 2006

Dhaka Diary on the corners in Dhaka. “Kawran Bazar, plays out to an audience of many, movement is rapid, shift and purposeful. It is a hub of action and activity, offices, banks, TV studios, small shopkeepers, street vendors and consumer waste make it a party worth dropping into.”

Bangladesh: SWIFT in the US

Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying on why the recent controversy about NY Times is as relevant to the developing world. But, what about Bangladeshis living in Bangladesh? It turns out that SWIFT is quite the marketing tool in Bangladesh. Banks regularly tout their membership in SWIFT to demonstrate...

Bangladesh: Going to Bangladesh

  27 June 2006

Ami travels through Bangladesh and shares his experiences. “I entered Bangladesh through its westernly most border with India. I was coming from Calcutta. The border was somewhat of a joke. I had to just kinda wander around and hope that I went into the right building in the right order....

India, Bangladesh: Being Rude

  26 June 2006

Mezba ponders on the Reader's Digest survey on cities and politness, picking out the aspects that become culturally irrelevant. He talks about being polite to shop-keepers “Well, the last time a few British came to India to do a little bit of trade. They came to Bengal too, under Robert...

India, Pakistan, Bangladesh: Rethinking 1857

  26 June 2006

Sepia Mutiny discusses an article by William Dalrymple that explores the uprising in 1857. “I don’t think Dalrymple is saying that everyone involved in the Rebellion of 1857 was motivated by this kind of religious feeling (indeed, as I understand it there were as many or more Hindu sepoy rebels)....

Bangladesh: Children in the developing world

  20 June 2006

Mash at Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying reflects on the recent illness of his little daughter and illness in the developing world – “It takes only commitment and some resources from the developed world. The $10 billion we spend every month in Iraq could instead change the face...

Bangladesh: An elegy

  19 June 2006

An elegy for Bangladesh at ElectrikBlues. “for those who think i’ve declared death prematurely, be assured, we’re at war. we’ve got the guns, we’ve got the bombs, we’ve got the fighter jets (and more on the way). but we’re not sure who the enemy is, or what it is we’re...

Bangladesh: Alternate Healthcare

  15 June 2006

imperfect world 2006 on alternate healthcare in Bangladesh. “The experience has left me dazed but at the same time has given me a wonderful insight into healthcare – both modern and alternative – as it operates in Bangladesh.”

Bangladesh: Marrying someone back home

Marrying someone in the diaspora? Mezba reflecting on what his uncle tells him about girls in Canada and Bangladesh. “Apparently, if I marry some girl who has been brought up in Canada or is living somewhere in the West, she would a) not cook for me b) not respect me...

Bangladesh: Jesus and the unauthorized version

  13 June 2006

Sadiq does a review on a book about Jesus. “Couple of days back i went to visit the British Museum at London. While coming out i went to its bookshop where i came across a book very unexpectedly that validates a lot of the events in the holy life of...

Bring the world of Bangla Blogs to GV

  7 June 2006

Bangla or the Bengali language is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world today. It is the official language in Bangladesh and one of the official languages in India, where it is the second most commonly spoken language after Hindi. In India, Bangla is mainly spoken across...

Bangladesh: Have wife, pay tax

  6 June 2006

More comments on the tax imposed on more wives taken in Rajshahi at imperfect world 2006. “It was the women who had to fork out for the privilege of marrying. In one case, the woman, a 38 year old, parted with her entire life’s savings of 50,000 takas.”

World Cup Fever

  5 June 2006

As we enter the World Cup week, ripples are turning into waves and everyone is being caught by the peculiar pulse that cannot be denied. Flags are already waving, and those who were until now unaware about the gathering starts to feel a strong urge to join, or else leave the planet.

Bangladesh: Conspiracy Theory

  5 June 2006

The 3rd World View on one more conspiracy theory. “The textile workers are protesting, bombs went off in a cinema hall:- must be international conspiracies. It seems all that can not be explained or not to be explained logically are simply branded with the term ‘international conspiracy’.”

South Asia: The Immigrant Dad in the US

  5 June 2006

Sepia Mutiny announces an online collaborative project, where readers are encouraged to send photographs of their dads who were South Asian immigrants after the 1965 Immigration Act to the US. “Remember that the main point of this is to capture through pictures what it meant to be a South Asian...

Bangladesh: Labour, hazardous industries and the market rationale

  2 June 2006

Shobak: Outsider Asians on Bangladesh and the shipbreaking industry. “In 1992, The Economist revealed a memo written by the World Bank's former chief economist Lawrence Summers. The memo discussed the economic rationale for “encouraging more migration of dirty industries” to Less Developed Countries (LDC)”