· April, 2006

Stories about Bangladesh from April, 2006

Bangladesh: Homeland

  26 April 2006

Returning to the countries we come from. Mezba on living in the MidEast, South Asia and Canada. The racism, quality of life and job opportunity confusion all thrown in together.

Bangladesh: Plagiarism

  24 April 2006

Deshcalling on how plagiarism in Bangladesh seems to be prevalent – “When plagiarism becomes rife as it has in Bangladesh educational institutions it devalues the degrees or diplomas awarded by those institutions and also undermines the intellectual potential of the country.”

Bangladesh Blog Buzz:

  24 April 2006

Shuvo Nobobarsho (Happy Bengali New Year) to everyone. Let us take a look into what the Bangladeshi blogs around the world are saying lately.

Bangladesh: Abducted in Dhaka

  20 April 2006

Bangladesh may have to explain its human rights record. Shobak on “On April 17th, Ehsanul Islam Sadequee was abducted by armed special forces police officers in Bangladesh.”

Bangladesh: Playing cricket

  17 April 2006

Bangladesh plays cricket, however the Police seems to be weilding the stick. Rezwan on “The tension mounted during lunch break when the DC North of Chittagong Police started using his fist against a journalist (Jahirul Haque) aged like his father (65) and kicked him continuously to show that this kind...

Bangladesh: Getting friendly with Israel

  11 April 2006

imperfect world 2006 on the appointment of Richard Benkin as the PR man for Bangladesh. “In other words, can foreign policy principles be bought? We will have to wait and see. Israel, incidentally, was one of the first countries in the world to recognise Bangladesh.”

Bangladesh: Unholy hospitals

  4 April 2006

While the notion of foreign hospitals in Bangladesh may have economic or even populist reasons, imperfect world 2006 muses on why the word ‘unholy’ is used in conjunction with these hospitals.

Bangladesh: On The Times

  4 April 2006

Bangladesh was on the cover of the Times, and that had quite a few bloggers reading into the text. Salam Dhaka on some of the comments made by the Prime Minister.