· July, 2005

Stories about Bangladesh from July, 2005


  28 July 2005

Dhaka experienced heavy rains (156mm within 24 hours) early this month. The excess downpours inundated nearly a quarter of the cosmopolitan disrupting lives of its 10 million citizens. Streets and roads remained waterlogged, schools were shut down and shopping malls remained closed. But nothing is close to what Mumbai has...

Arranged marriage & the role of parents

  23 July 2005

A sarcastic post of a vibrant Bangladeshi-Canadian girl: If this daughter is not married to some Muslim guy by next August, ...she will apparently be seeing Mrs Mother's dead face. If you want to save the life of a 40 something, attractive, slightly dramatic Bengali mother ... apply now. Applicant must be - virile - a Bengali Muslim - able to sign his name - from a nice family who like to keep their woman on a leash. It shows the fear of arranged marriage fixed arbitrarily by South Asian parents.

Bangladesh: Tagging Islam

18 July 2005

The Bangladeshi blog The 3rd World View asks why Flickr images of the 7/7 bombings are being tagged “Muslim”.

The 3rd world view

11 July 2005

Following the 7/7 bombings in London, Bangladeshi blogger Rezwan asks us “who's problem is it, anyway”?

South Asia Thursday Blog Roundup

  7 July 2005

The Nepalese blog United We Blog! covers, with photographs, an anti-monarchy student protest in the city of New Baneshwor that was marked by violent confrontations with the police. The protest was in response to official celebrations marking the King's birthday. Bangladeshi blogger Rezwan is delighted to find that his blog...

South Asia Daily Blog Roundup

  6 July 2005

Sri Lankan blogger Indi Samarajiva says that the Live 8 manifesto, if implemented, will simply turn the third world into a giant welfare state. Vantage Point points out that the Delhi water board will start limited privatization of the water supply soon; he hails this as another crack in the...