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Stories about South Asia from February, 2007

Nepal: On funding terrorism

  28 February 2007

Madhesh Blog on funding terrorism in Nepal. “Several donor agencies who invested their time to investigate the use of their funds have found them not being used for the intended targets. For example, many grants for poverty reduction and micro-credits have not reached to the targeted grassroots, and many other...

Nepal: Weapons and the UN

  28 February 2007

Accounting for weapons in Nepal is rather controversial. Nepali Netbook explains – “Moreover, according to Prachanda, many of their weapons were destroyed in fire and swept away by river during the conflict. (Translation: if everyone’s so interested in exact numbers, why does no one ask Girija Prasad Koirala about the...

Sri Lanka: Inheriting Colombo

  28 February 2007

The Lolly DJ writes a fabulously touching piece on inheriting Colombo from a grandpa who came to Sri Lanka 65 years back.” In 1942, my grandfather, Arthur, was en-route to Singapore, when the impregnable city fell. The soldiers who were there became the stuff of myth, imprisoned and emaciated under...

Bangladesh: Pseudo Innovation in Dhaka

  28 February 2007

Unheard Voices points to a an article in Himal on military and governance. “As Dhaka’s military-backed interim government gets on with its anti-corruption agenda amid cautious cheers from the public, Bangladeshis at home and abroad are arguing over what kind of government system can both be functional and deliver for...

India: On Islamic Banking

  27 February 2007

Cuckoo's Call on the tenets of Islamic Banking. “Very few people know what Islamic banking is or what interest-free economy means. Only some devout Muslims who try to adhere strictly to the Islamic stricture against interest follow Islamic economics. We do not find mainstream academic institutions working on this subject.”

India: Quattrocchi in Argentina

  27 February 2007

Varnam on the politics played to avoid extraditing a man who could end up ruining the reputation of some very important people. “Remember Ottavio Quattrocchi? The middle man for Bofors who represented Snamprogetti and big pal of ex-dead-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi? He was arrested in Argentina on Feb 6th and...

Sri Lanka: What is the LTTE trying to do?

  27 February 2007

Indi.ca on LTTE's antics. “The LTTE is well on their way to pissing off everyone on Earth. After their strategically brilliant ploy of assasinating the Indian PM, Rajiv Gandhi, they’ve followed up in the last few years with a failed attack on the Pakistani envoy, and today by injuring the...

Nepal: One more strike

  27 February 2007

United We Blog! on one strike too many in the country. “Protest, protest everywhere, how can we get out of this mess? Janajatis or indigenous people have called for a general strike in Nepal tomorrow. Economically that would be yet another blow to already depressing situation. That will be yet...

Sri Lanka: Saddam and the Sri Lankans

  27 February 2007

True Sri Lankan on what appears to be a lot of silence regarding the execution of Sri Lankans. “When Saddam Hussein was hanged there were massive protests in Sri Lanka organised by certain sections of the muslim community but a few days ago 4 Sri Lankans were beheaded and then...

India: On Paan Waalahs

  26 February 2007

Swajana has a video post of a paan waalah. (Paan seller). “Theoretically a Paan can be compared to an after dinner mint, but culturally it plays a far more significant role. Thereby the maker of the Paan takes on a key sociological role. His role can be considered akin to...

Sri Lanka: On Identity

  26 February 2007

Tiny Little Fractures on the exploration of identity in the Sri Lankan blogosphere. “Here’s the thing, I think barking up the tree of a “Sri Lankan national identity” is a mistake, especially when it seems to involve pigeonholing people into being Sri Lankan. I mean what makes a Sri Lankan,...

Nepal: Blogs and MSM

  26 February 2007

Are blogs in Nepal not being given their due? Nepali Voices says “All Nepali bloggers will agree that blogs influence in the country is very little; but bloggers like me who blogged during the King’s direct rule will also agree that during the period blogs were something unavoidable – and...

Bangladesh: Arrested, now what?

  26 February 2007

Unheard Voices points out that while big players were arrested in Bangladesh, the consequences are yet to be known. “As the initial euphoria over the arrested political leaders dies down, concerns are now seriously beginning to crepe in whether due process is being followed to prosecute these people. While some...

India: India as a destination

  26 February 2007

the shad king on the discovery of India becoming a destination for people other than nirvana seekers. “There is a significant population of Ethiopian immigrants in Washington DC, a vast majority of whom support their families (and often finance their own higher education) by driving a cab. As I grumpily...

Maldives: Torture Techniques in Paradise

  26 February 2007

The blog Groundsix notes some of the torture techniques used on detainees and prisoners in the Maldives. Putting in stocks: The victim is restrained with his or her ankles and wrists locked in tiny holes in a block of wood. The victim remains bent and does not have the use...

India: Dealing with Delhi

  24 February 2007

Feringhee on dealing with Delhi. “I don't see why people grouse so much about Delhi, but then, I have never had to live, commute and work here. As a stopover it is really quite civilized.”

India: On Duty

  24 February 2007

The Delhicate Constitution on duty and politics. “On the other hand you may say that you have been placed there because the majority of people have faith in your decision-making, and that they trust you to do the right thing for them. Doing what you think is right will not...

Pakistan: On Basant and Kite Flying

  24 February 2007

Light Within on the colourful festival of Basant that involves a lot of kiteflying and the prevalent controversy. “First it was the Punjab government announcing that they would set up a body to ensure safe kite-flying. Then there was the proclamation that Basant WILL be celebrated in Lahore with traditional...

Nepal: Monarchy and a Crisis

  24 February 2007

Nepal Monitor on monarchy and an existential crisis. “As once Maoists were minimized, now the monarchy is minimized. Because of personalistic egos of political leaders and the king, our institutions are suffering. We may blame monarchy for backwardness, and monarchy as an institution may be a thing of the past...

Nepal: A federal republic

  24 February 2007

Madhesh Blog on the demand for a federal republic in Nepal. “Thousands of Madheshis chanted slogans demanding abolition of monarchy, constituency based on equal and average population. They appealed interim parliament to announce Nepal as a federal republic.”

Hindi Blogoshere: Going Places, Tag Epidemic & Indibloggies!

  23 February 2007

Sorry for the late update, I've been busy off late & then went to a weekend holiday, so wasn't able to do my fortnightly roundup of the Hindi Blogosphere. So without much ado, lets have a crack over the happenings of Hindi Blogosphere in the last fortnight! Disturbed with the...

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