· November, 2006

Stories about Tonga from November, 2006

Tonga: Blame Game in Tonga

  23 November 2006

Travel Writer David Stanley at Southpacific.org blog does not agree with Tonga Tourist Association's general secretary who blamed the recent troubles in Tonga on pro-democracy movement.

Samoa: No Peace in Pacific

  21 November 2006

Fagogo in Samoa lists the latest happenings across the Pacific islands and remarks that the Pacific ocean is anything but pacified.

Tongan Capital Burns

  16 November 2006

Riots broke out this afternoon in Tongan capital city Nuku'alofa. Image from Tonga Now Portal Samiuela LV Taufa on Nomoa.com, a community site in Tonga posted this email Today we finally hit the bottom of the bucket. It started with the stoning of the Prime Ministers office at 3:30pm and...

Tonga: Riots in Tongan Capital

  16 November 2006

Ms. Vakaivosavosa in Fiji has a post on rioting that took place in Nukualofa, the Tongan capital city earlier today. The rioteers were angry at the lack of democratic reforms and they targetted the prime minister's family business. The blogger writes that the riots must be seen as a warning...