· April, 2008

Stories about Oceania from April, 2008

Aussies and Kiwis Celebrate ANZAC Day

  25 April 2008

Australians and New Zealanders around the world celebrate the "Australian and New Zealand Army Corps" (ANZAC) Day in memory of those fallen soldiers of Gallipoli in Turkey during World War I.

Fiji: Catch the Trashers on Camera

  16 April 2008

Strange Pants posts about a new public service blog, “Fiji Trash“, which aims to “showcase people who insist on ignoring all common sense and who believe that rubbish thrown onto the street will magically disappear or, better yet, grow into a tree.”

Negligible world attention for Fiji?

  14 April 2008

Fiji blogger Tokalulu believes the Pacific Island country warrants world attention only when strategic interests of the Western world are at risk.

Guam: Dangers of US military presence

  3 April 2008

The blog, Peace and Justice for Guam and the Pacific, aims “to provide information about the US military in Guam, with the hope of steering policy away from a dangerous unilateralist course to more sustainable notions of regional development and a strengthening international solidarity.”

Palau: A plane for the president

  3 April 2008

Reacting to a news report that the Palau president was stranded in a Philippine airport, a reader of okedyulabeluu’s blog suggests that it's time to purchase a plane for the president.

Tonga: Muddy Water

  1 April 2008

The Tonga Review writes about a newly commissioned multi-million dollar water system that produces muddy water.

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