· June, 2007

Stories about Oceania from June, 2007

Fiji: US Laws and Fijian Blogs

  24 June 2007

Digital Fiji highlights a Fijian blog that is asking its readers to attack tourists in a bid to destabilize the military government. The blogger urges Fijian bloggers to be aware of the laws in the US where the blogging service is based. “act of publishing these posts violates several criminal...

Tahitians can dance!

  22 June 2007

See photographs of over seventy Tahitian dancers performing in costumes fashioned from pandanus leaves.

Tahitian dance

  22 June 2007

Fenua blog has photographs of a traditional Tahitian dance performance (Fr).

Bookcovers from Tahiti

  15 June 2007

Tahiti: Litterature, Musique et… has been posting retro covers of Tahitian novels and books about Tahitian history, culture and society.

Fiji: Attending Dalai Lama's Talk

  13 June 2007

Babasiga blog has highlights from a talk given by Dalai Lama in Australia. The blogger asks “Some of the things he said this trip certainly sounded like universal principles that could well apply to a small nation like Fiji. Are there Buddhists in Fiji?”

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