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Stories about Oceania from January, 2007

Tahitian Music

  17 January 2007

Tahiti Litterature, Musique posts various excerpts of Tahitian music.

Caught On Camera: Human Rights Videos on GV

  16 January 2007

You'd be forgiven for thinking it's been Saddam, Saddam, Saddam, in recent weeks, but GV has covered other human rights videos that deserve a bit of limelight – so, in this regular new feature, I'm going to round up the best of those recent stories. Something for WITNESS's Amazon Wishlist...

French Speaking Blogs of the Caribbean, Africa and Oceania in 2006

  14 January 2007

Logo of the Madagascar Blogger's Meeting that took place January 5-6, 2007 in Antananarivo. By and large French speaking blogs and bloggers of the world have reason to envy English, Spanish and Brazilian speaking counterparts in volume and in interaction with each other. Very few bloggers (Madagascar and Reunion being...

Argentina's King Fish, Panama's Year, and Easy Kerala Parotta

  14 January 2007

#1: Jeremy Shapiro, the Chef behind Stir the Pots, narrates his adventures during his trip to the Ecuadorean Andes: The array of  colors and smell was inspiring as a chef.All  I  needed were my knives, a stove and a kitchen!What surprised me about such a humble town was the cleanliness...

New Caledonia: Lagoon as Potential World Heritage Site

  14 January 2007

5 Minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie writes (Fr): “France will present on January 31 at Unesco, a request that the Caledonian lagoon be made into a world heritage site. A joy for Caledonia which has been lobbying for this for a while … Final verdict June 2008. “

Fiji: Fiji's Council of Chiefs And the New Government

  12 January 2007

Stuck in the Mud of Fiji says that Fiji's Great Council of Chiefs that had initially refused to endorse the new government set up by coup leader General Frank Bainimarama has now decided to support it. Despite the support, the blogger wants to see how they resolve their difference with...

Fiji: Stopping Coups

  6 January 2007

David Farar has an idea to stop the reoccurrence of coups in Fiji. “Maybe when Fiji finally gets a legal Government again, they could give Bainimarama the Saddam treatment – that might put an end to this cycle of coups. Okay no death penalty I agree, but's let's settle for...

Tahiti: Turncoat Politicians

  5 January 2007

Reacting to the election of a new president Gaston Tong Sang, Tahitian blogger SamsonPointCom surveys the political landscape (Fr): “Turncoat politics are a national sport, even more so than rowing. There are basically two opposing equally-sized blocs in the Assembly: the independentist “Blues” (socialist affiliated but who have National Front...

Fiji: Coup Leader becomes the Prime Minister

  5 January 2007

May Hnin Phyu in Fiji comments that it will not be so easy to address the new leader of Fiji. “I’m wondering how are they going to address him – “The Honorable Commondore Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama, Sir”. Whoa, what a long title. I need some water.” Frank Bainimarama recently...

Toward a Francophone Global Voices

Tunisian blogger Sami Ben Gharbia on the Global Voices summit recently held in Delhi, India (Fr): “A will to build a francophone version of Global Voices and to spread the Global Voices China experiment was expressed. The first objective consists in translating in French what is written in English on...

Ukraine: Thoughts on Staying and Leaving

  4 January 2007

LJ user chio – of Simferopol, Crimea – writes (RUS): On life A friend came for a visit recently – he had emigrated to New Zealand some five years ago as an already established businessman. He was shocked by what he saw around him. He was genuinely surprised by the...

Fiji: Rigged Elections

  3 January 2007

FijiBuzz posts a video released by the military that features a representative of the winning party and an Australian financial backer of another party that seemingly points to the rigging of elections held in 2006.

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