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Stories about Oceania from December, 2006

Tahiti: A New President for Christmas

  28 December 2006

Blogger Jiriki says (Fr) Tahiti got a special present for Christmas: a new President, Gaston Tong Sang. The blogger links to a profile of the new President indicating that he is an engineer who has held various minister posts in the Tahitian government since 1986. He was born in Bora...

Fiji: Bringing Tourists in after the Coup

  12 December 2006

The Invest in Fiji blog talks about an group being set up to encourage tourists to spend their holidays in Fiji. The tourists may be staying out because of a recent coup in Fiji.

Fiji: Safe for Tourists

  11 December 2006

David Stanely at the South Pacific Travel Blog is critical of Australia, New Zealand and the United States for issuing a misleading travel advisory on Fiji before the coup. The author writes that Fiji is still safe for tourists. “Tourism is Fiji’s biggest industry, accounting for over a quarter of...

Fiji: Coup Leader has Truth on His Side

  8 December 2006

Acid Test looks at the recent history of Fiji and discusses the latest coup. The blogger says “The military should not overthrow elected governments. This is absolutely true. And yet it's Commodore Bainimarama who has most of the truth on his side, even if what he's had to do about...

Fiji: Coup Forces Newspaper to Close

  5 December 2006

Mayvelous is writing from Fiji to report that Fijitimes has ceased publication after the new leadership ordered the newspaper to not publish any material against the new leadership. Earlier the military dismissed the government of prime minister Laisenia Qarase. “Yo Mr. Sheehy, if they don't allow to post on Fijitimes,...

Malaysia: Attracting Australian Students?

  3 December 2006

Malaysia is hoping to attract more Australian students to study in Malaysia to balance the numbers of Malaysian students in Australia. Education Malaysia is asking just how Malaysia plans to do this?

Fiji: No Coup in Fiji

  3 December 2006

David Stanley writes that coup fears have receded in Fiji” Prime Minister Qarase has shown himself to be a skillful politician able to bend for the greater good of his country, and Commodore Bainimarama has ably demonstrated his leadership skills and willingness to stand up for his principles. I predict...

World AIDS Day

  1 December 2006

With the inaugural theme of “Communication” in 1988, World AIDS Day was first established by UNAIDS as an annual day of awareness and outreach to confront the stigma, discrimination, and ignorance surrounding one of the world's deadliest preventable diseases. Nearly two decades, 65 million infections, and 25 million deaths later,...

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