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Stories about Oceania from October, 2006

New Caledonia: At the Beach

  31 October 2006

Two Caledonia-based bloggers have been to the ocean this week and brought back breathtaking pictures too. Sebastien Merion has just (Fr)come back from a week-long sailing excursion that involved sun, rain, a stopover at the Goa isles but thankfully no brush-up with Hurricane Xavier. Meanwhile Katuali (Fr) went to the...

Fiji: Pacifika RSS Feed

  27 October 2006

Ms. Vakaivosavosa has created a combines RSS feed of several noteworthy Pacific Island blogs. The blogger is inviting the readers to subscribe to the feed.

Fiji: Building a Traditional Underground Oven

  24 October 2006

Peceli blogs about the tradition of building a “lovo” – the traditional underground oven used to cook communal meals in the South Pacific. “In Australia we can’t make a lovo in your back yard without permission from the local council and the Fire Prevention Officer. The ruling is if we...

Tonga: Tonga and Nationalism

  21 October 2006

Tongan native Samiuela LV Taufa compares the Australians with the Tongans on their respective ideas of nationalism and belonging. “As I understand Tongans, we're only truely nationalistic when it is to contrast/combat another national. Whereas we seem to identify much closer to our inner community (township, school.) Of the Australians...

Tahiti: Google Earth Shots

  20 October 2006

Tavana Daniel of Tahiti: Litterature is (Fr) happy google earth updated their aerial shots of Tahiti but laments that the picture was not taken on a sunny day. She provides pictures.

New Caledonia: Fete du Boeuf

  18 October 2006

Says Sebastien Merion from 5 Minutes en Nouvelle Caledonie: J'ai l'impression de revenir direct des States, mais non, ce n'était que le village de Païta et sa fameuse fête du bœuf !! On s'y serait cru, ambiance chapeaux de cow-boy et musique country, il y avait un paquet de monde....

Fiji: Excessive Kawa Drinking

  13 October 2006

Peceli at the Babasiga blog is asking the readers of his blog what they thing about excessive Kawa consumption. Kawa is a natural relaxant that is used in traditional ceremonies in Fiji and other South Pacific Islands.

Fiji: Fiji's trading partners

  11 October 2006

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr in Fiji writes that Singapore has displaced Australia and New Zealand to become Fiji's biggest source of imports.

Fiji: Fijian Fashion

  7 October 2006

Wendy at Babasiga blog introduces the various dresses that the Fijian women wear.

Tahitian Ballet

  6 October 2006

Part kitsch, part grande spectacle, La danse tahitienne (Fr) calls Tahitian ballet “a cultural revolution somewhere between Bollywood and Cirque du Soleil.”

Tahiti: Mutiny on the Bounty

  3 October 2006

At his MySpace site, Jean Marc gives a history of the famous munity on the British ship Bounty (Fr), which took place just after the Bounty left Tahiti. He also has a slide show about the mutiny.

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