· September, 2006

Stories about Oceania from September, 2006

Fiji: Fijian Ceramics

  21 September 2006

Mayvelous, a Burmese blogger in Fiji has posted pictures of Fijian Ceramics. The blogger describes the design and the constituents of the ceramics.

Global Food Blog Report #32

  18 September 2006

#1: From Sri Lanka, Moju meditations on Hitler and Vegetarianism: "Hitler was a vegetarian" As you can see below from the quotes of Hitler…he was a vegetarian and a teetotaler! How is it possible that a vegetarian and a teetotaler could kill millions of people? The reason I ask is...

Fiji: Safe for Tourists?

  15 September 2006

South Pacific Travel blogger David Stanely, a frequent traveler to Fiji discusses a Australian government travel advisory on Fiji and concludes that the actual situation on the ground is not as bad as the site makes it appear.

Fiji: Tongans in Fiji Mourn the late King

  14 September 2006

Gilbert Veisamasama, Jr in his Promoting Suva blogs writes about the Tongan community in Fiji mourning their late king. “More than 100 Tongan students at the University of the South Pacific and those working in Suva converged at the Oceania Centre for Arts, University of the South Pacific, to commemorate...

Tonga: Homage to the King and Democracy in Tonga

  12 September 2006

Wendy at Babasiga blog pays homage to the King of Tonga Taufa'ahau Tupou IV. The ailing King died on Sunday. In the comment, the blogger says “The Tongan people are in a quandery because they want to show respect for tradition but at the same time many want a fair...

Global Food Blog Report #31

  9 September 2006

#1:   Crispy Waffle takes a culinary adventure! Check out her Travel: Tunisia post and you will get a very tasty review on all things edible during the trip. Tunisia, located in North Africa between Algeria and Libya, has an unusual culture stemming from its indigenous Berber roots, Arabic legacy and...

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