· March, 2009

Stories about U.S.A. from March, 2009

Israel: Gaza Aid in Exchange for Shalit

“A proposal has been made in the U.S. Congress to link the 900 million dollars of aid pledged to Gaza to the release of kidnapped soldier Gilad Shalit, who has been held in an undisclosed location without access to the International Red Cross, in contravention of International Law, for nearly...

USA: Blogging from Prison

  6 March 2009

Reading books, playing cards, or learning new skills, are some of the tips on how to deal with going to jail offered by former inmate Sam Stanfield on Ezine @rticles. But for the 1 in 100 adults in prisons across the USA, another pastime can now be blogging – at least via someone on the outside with access to a computer.

Morocco: Moroccan-American Author Releases First Novel

Over the past few years since her first book, a collection of intertwined short stories entitled Hope and Other Dangerous Pursuits, was released, Laila Lalami has emerged as one of Morocco's best known authors. As few Moroccan writers' work is translated into English, and even fewer female writers', Lalami's books - penned in English - fill a gap in the connection between Moroccan literature and the west.

Israel: Is Lindsay Lohan Converting to Judaism?

Word in the Israeli blogosphere is that Lindsay Lohan is converting to Judaism. On her personal Facebook page, Lohan last week said she hoped that the conversion will bring her closer to her Jewish girlfriend, Samantha Ronson. Lohan and Ronson are currently in London attending a family bar mitzvah. The announcement has been met with mixed reviews.

Global: Hijablogging In Vogue

  1 March 2009

Hijablogging: Just another global trend taking the blogosphere by storm. All around the world, women who opt to wear hijab (the Islamic head covering) are also opting to blog about their experiences, as well as veiled fashion, lifestyle, experience, and the political and religious issues surrounding it.