· September, 2008

Stories about U.S.A. from September, 2008

Japan: The Unhealthy Image of “Ladylike”

  19 September 2008

Japanese blogger Miyakichi at Miyakichi Nikki writes about why the image of ladylike beauty in the world today so unhealthy [ja], tracing the preference for pale skin, 40cm waists and high heels back to the histories of Europe, America and China and connecting them to modern styles in Japan.

Trinidad & Tobago, U.S.A.: Six Weeks

  19 September 2008

“It looks to me as if Obama peaked too early, and that America is reassessing him…of course a lot can happen in six weeks”: Notes from Port of Spain is afraid he might be staring down the barrel of the US electorate choosing McCain/Palin.

YouTube Contest for aspiring journalists

  18 September 2008

As I had mentioned back in August, YouTube and The Pulitzer Center have launched Project: Report, a contest for aspiring journalists and now the full rules and instructions are up. The contest and awards are limited to participants who are legal residents of countries where YouTube is officially launched: Australia,...

Bangladesh: Was Bridget illegally adopted by McCains?

  17 September 2008

Shada Kalo blog questions whether US presidential candidate John McCain and Cindy McCain's adoption of their Bangladeshi daughter Bridget is illegal as according to Bangladesh Law ‘no foreigner is allowed to adopt a Bangladeshi child’.

Jamaica, U.S.A.: Poor Sportsmanship

  17 September 2008

“I think he forgot (that in) 2003 he failed several drug tests that questioned the validity of his achievements. Sometimes folks think what you are doing is what they are doing”: A Fe Me Page Dis Iyah is not impressed by former US sprinter Carl Lewis’ insinuations about Jamaican Olympic...

Syria: No Chrome for Syrians

  16 September 2008

Syrian Yaser Sadeq says Google new browser Chrome is not available in Syria because “our friends in Google corp. have decided or agreed to withhold their services from syrian users as part of the embargo by the U.S government against Syria.”

Saudi Arabia: Sarah Palin for Saudi?

  15 September 2008

American Bedu wonders whether Sarah Palin would make an ideal citizen of Saudi Arabia: “she favors creationist teaching instead of evolution…She does not believe in abortion… She ‘should’ know much about oil coming from the key American producing state.”

Russia: South Park Rally in Moscow

  13 September 2008

Robert Amsterdam writes about the South Park ordeal in Russia; LJ user al_31f posts photos from a Sept. 13 rally in Moscow in support of South Park and 2×2, the TV channel that was broadcasting the cartoon; YouTube videos from the rally are here, here, and here.

Trinidad & Tobago, U.S.A.: Sexual Politics

  12 September 2008

“Her winning smile and girl next door looks serv(e) to convince me that she could possibly be the scariest woman to be seen in western politics since Margaret Thatcher. But what I don’t appreciate is the fact that the American media did what can only be interpreted as an honour...

U.S.: Obama and McCain on Russia

  12 September 2008

Sean's Russia Blog notes that Barack Obama and John McCain “are basically saying the same thing” about Russia in their speeches: “Both are rather bland statements that are more to say that they know Russia exists rather than how to deal with it.”

The Middle East Remembers 9/11

  12 September 2008

Today marks the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks on the US, a pivotal day in history and a day which brought about so much heartbreak and destruction not only in the US but around the world. Bloggers from the Middle East reflect on the disaster.

Russia: Washington Post's Coverage

  11 September 2008

The Ivanov Report dissects the Washington Post's recent coverage of Russia: “What was somewhat surprising, though, was the level of the Post's attention to the topic: between August 9 and September 2, the Post has published a whopping 37 editorials and op-eds (and I might have missed some) — not...

Jamaica, U.S.A.: In Memoriam

  11 September 2008

Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp is saddened over the passing of American poet Reginald Shepherd and also posts a poem in memory of the 9-11 firefighters, who lost their lives seven years ago today.