· May, 2007

Stories about U.S.A. from May, 2007

Russia, USA: Patriotism

Tim Newman pinpoints the difference between Russian and American patriotism: “Americans love their country and hate those who don’t agree. Russians don’t love their country and hate those who agree.”

Talking to Jamaican litblogger Geoffrey Philp

  14 May 2007

The Jamaican writer Geoffrey Philp has published five books of poems, a collection of short stories called Uncle Obadiah and the Alien, and a novel, Benjamin, My Son. He lives in Miami, a member of the great Caribbean diaspora in North America, and he currently teaches at Miami-Dade College. Since...

Iraq: New Guantanamo

Iraqi blogger Lady Bird links to a newspaper article which claims that there are 14,000 Iraqi prisoners held in her country – making it a new Guantanamo, which no one knows about.

Lebanon: Arab Women in Photographs

An exhibition of photographs of Arab women leaves Lebanese blogger Leila Abu-Saba scratching her head. “I do scratch my head, however, at the breathless description of the purpose of the show. See Arab women cross-dressing! Unveiled! Scantily clad! Those poor Arab women, they used to be liberated and now they're...

Syria: Al Hurra Unclean?

Syrian blogger Wassim charges that Al Hurra is an American propaganda channel. “A lecturer of mine invited me to a talk that was being held by Al Hurra in London (a channel I despise) called the ‘Arab Europeans’. I will review it later and also about what I plucked up...

Iraq: Samara Dam Threat

Iraqi blogger Ladybird reports that: “Haq Agency received serious information indicates that occupation forces preventing vehicles from crossing ‘Samara Dam’ bridge [see it on Goolge maps], claiming there is a truck loaded with explosives on the bridge.”

Jordan: Washington Newseum Welcome News

Jordanian blogger Natasha Tynes cannot hide her excitement that a Newseum is opening in Washington DC, US. “I'm really excited about the opening of the new news museum dubbed the “Newseum” in Washington, DC in October of this year. It looks to be a top-notch museum and will focus on...

Former Soviet Union: Family War Stories

For three years, LJ user aurinko25 has been collecting links to family war stories posted by Russophone bloggers. It's an overwhelming collection, full of raw, genuine history, full of life, death and heartbreak. Trying to pick something for translation turned out to be very difficult: so many of these texts deserve to be showcased - and, at the same time, they have to remain part of a continuous narrative. I ended up choosing two brief posts that date back to 2004 and 2005 - both written by bloggers who live in the United States now.

Iraq: A Second Adhamiya Wall

A second wall is being built around Adhamiya, in Baghdad, Iraq, announces Iraqi blogger Ladybird. “This is a dream comes true to the Iranians, Ahdamiya right now and in this unusual circumstances is the last hold for the Sunnis in Baghdad Rasafa half , all this problems in Ahdamiya because...

Saudi Arabia: Don't Drive in Colorado!

Saudi blogger Serendipity warns people against driving in Colorado, US. “You know how they say that you shouldn’t speed towards the end of the month because Police try to meet their quota then? Well, in Colorado, I would suggest you don’t drive at all! Police in Colorado have issued a...

Colombia: Uribe's Bittersweet Visit to Washington

  7 May 2007

Colombian President Álvaro Uribe Vélez started a three-day visit to Washington, seeking support for Plan Colombia and the US Congress' approval of the Free Trade Agreement. Instead of he was met with protestors accusing him of links to paramilitary forces responsible for the death of unionists. Some bloggers criticized the Colombian media for "covering up" the president's poor week.

Iraq: Let the War Begin

Konfused Kid from Iraq describes who the pro and anti-withdrawal of US forces from Iraq are. “Whatever happens, Iraq's chance of recovery is incredibly slim, maybe it's just best to let the troops out and let the war begins, cuz we're all so very tired,” he suggests.

Colombia: Uribe Met by Protestors During Visit to Washington

  4 May 2007

The Colombia Herald writes about President Alvaro Uribe's recent visit to Washington, where approximately 100 protestors greeted him with cries of “assassin!” in reference to the alleged ties to paramilitary forces. Protestors also were opposed to any free trade agreement with the U.S. Flickr users b.wu and A Look Askance...

Haiti: Bush to Scold Préval?

  4 May 2007

Regarding an upcoming May 9 Préval visit to the White House, Collectif Haiti de Provence writes [Fr]: ”More than a week after a beneficial tour hand in hand with President Hugo Chavez … this meeting with the most powerful man on earth … could look like a call to order...

USA: Photos of Immigrant Rally in Los Angeles

  2 May 2007

Alejandro of LAX-LIM provides firsthand accounts of a rally that “ended in violence, thanks to the attitude of the Los Angeles Police Department, who dispersed the crowd with rubber bullets and tear gas, a crowd including mothers with children, the elderly and handicapped, and many others who were peacefully congregated.”...

China: Poisoned pets, our food regulations

  2 May 2007

With American FDA officials on the way to China to get to the bottom of the inclusion of the toxic chemical melamime in pet food exported to the United States, now known to have been responsible for at least several thousand cat and dog deaths, what do Chinese netizens have...

Japan: A new take on “Textbook Revision”

  2 May 2007

Matt Dioguardi at Japan in amber has posted a long and very detailed post noting a similarity between the ideas of right-wing groups pushing for “textbook revision” in Japan and leftists and libertarians in the United States on the topic of U.S. history and foreign policy. Matt takes as his...