· May, 2006

Stories about U.S.A. from May, 2006

What is the world cooking?

  1 May 2006

#1: From Malaysia & UK, Yang-May Ooi's Lit BlogCurious Legacies: My GrandMother's recipe for Soy Sauce Chicken Grandma left us many recipes for dishes that have been in the family for years. They are old-fashioned and labor intensive, involving a lot of chopping and slicing and marinading to get just...

Haiti: Committee Supports Today's Immigrant Strike

  1 May 2006

Alterpresse published (kreyol) a press release by GARR, a Haitian committee of support to refugees and the repatriated, which supports today's immigrant strike and boycott in the US. “The same situation is developing in the Dominican Republic for many Haitian workers there, says GARR's Martine Dorvilas. While D.R. government representatives...

DRC: Malu Malu in New York Today

  1 May 2006

The chief of the controversial electoral commission, Rev. Malu Malu, will be in New York City today to speak about “The Future of Democracy and the Rebuilding of a Nation-State: The Democratic Republic of Congo” at The Church of St. Ignatius Loyola, 7pm. UDPS is organizing a protest of the...

The Boycott from Both Sides of the Border

  1 May 2006

It's a public holiday for the much of the world. In fact, I'm severely disappointed if you're reading this in anything other than pajamas. Though International Workers Day (better known as “May Day”) was first established in the United States after the Haymarket Riot, government fear of spreading socialism caused...