· February, 2007

Stories about U.S.A. from February, 2007

Ukraine: Tymoshenko in D.C.

  28 February 2007

LaurenceJarvikOnline shares his impressions of Yulia Tymoshenko, who was in Washington, D.C., this week: “She described her nation as ‘in crisis’–and took a number of hostile questions about her legal problems from Russian-speakers in the audience. Tymoshenko handled them with grace and aplomb, didn't bristle, smiled even. She's definitely a...

Algeria: Advice to the US

  28 February 2007

Algerian blogger Nouri writes: “Washington must distinguish between those with whom it can deal and those it can't; even if they aren't Ideal.” To read more of his advice to the US, click here.

Honduras, USA: Cultural Differences

  26 February 2007

La Gringa's Blogicito has three great posts on cultural differences between Honduras and the United States. On the pervasiveness of guns: “Armed guards are outside banks, grocery stores, other stores, gas stations, restaurants, government offices, hospitals, inside malls, on delivery trucks, you name it. I doubt if you could walk...

Iran:Stop Iran War

  23 February 2007

Stop Iran War is a site and blog launched by Wes Clark, former NATO’s Supreme Allied Commander. He says “I believe it is critical to give voice to the vast majority of Americans who want to avoid a military conflict with Iran, and I hope you will visit StopIranWar.com to...

Bahrain: Bush Lying About Iran

  23 February 2007

Bahraini blogger emoodz doesn't hesitate in calling Bush ‘a liar’. “I along with the rest of the world had to live through a long orchestrated buildup of propaganda and lies to rationalize a military attack on Iraq. Like it’s insistence that Iraq carried and manufactured WMDs it is now leading...

Iran: War and Human Rights Concerns

  22 February 2007

Concerns about a war between Iran and the US are growing in the Iranian blogosphere by the day. While Iran refuses to halt its uranium enrichment programme, despite the United Nation's resolution 1737, it is also being accused by the US of sending bombs to Iraq. Iran considers the enrichment...

Arabisc: Bloggers Rally to Kareem's Support

  22 February 2007

Egyptian blogger Kareem Sulaiman was today (Thursday) sentenced to four years in prison for defaming Islam and Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak on his personal blog. Despite a support site, petitions and demonstrations in Bahrain, London, Stockholm, Paris, Rome, New York (twice) and Washington DC calling for his release, an Alexandria...

Palestine: Call for US Representatives

  21 February 2007

The Madison-Rafah Journal posts a petition calling upon Americans to tell their representatives that they “find it outrageous that the US is threatening to boycott the Palestinians on the basis of their truce and that you question whether the US was hoping for a civil war in the territories,” among...

Israel: Did You Know..

  21 February 2007

Israeli blogger Yael K gives us interesting information tidbits here, including how Hebrew was a required language at all American universities as the “Puritans who settled the U.S. saw themselves as the “new Israelites” and the United States as the new Zion–and thus the hebrew language requirement.”

Haiti: Tourism and poverty

  19 February 2007

Clubsodaandsalt is put off by an American tourist's reaction to poverty in Haiti: “Don’t get me wrong — no-one wants to think about poverty while on vacation. Still, this just struck me as callous. I mean, not thinking about the starving children over the fence at your resort doesn’t make...

Nigeria: US Marines in the Niger Delta

  18 February 2007

Black Looks blogs about the connection between US Marines and the Niger Delta, “It took a 5 minute scan of their website to figure out that they were an American military and intelligence outfit undertaking contracts for the US government – check out the “leadership” – all ex US military...

Omar Al Sharif a Bully?

  16 February 2007

Egyptian-born actor Omar Al Sharif, 74, is a bully, writes Issandr El Amrani following news reports that Sharif, who starred in Doctor Zhivago and Lawrence of Arabia, punched a Guatemalan immigrant and called him a “stupid Mexican” in Beverly Hills.

Qatar: US Islamic Forum

  15 February 2007

Blogger Abu Aardvark (Marc Lynch) is off to Doha, Qatar, to participate the US-Islamic World Forum. “I hope to be able to blog from Doha like I did last time, wireless permitting,” he writes.

Arabisc: Are the Americans Bribing Arab Journalists?

  15 February 2007

Are the Americans bribing Arab journalists? And how should Arab journalists react? These are the sensitive questions posed by Jordanian blogger and writer Batir Wardam in his blog, Jordan Watch, this week as he discusses the merits of familiarisation trips for Arab journalists, paid for by the US State Department....

Egypt: More Dangerous than a Monkey..

  14 February 2007

Egypt-based blogger Tom Gara is still in stitches over Hugo Chavez's description of George Bush Junior. “I really think that describing George Bush as “More dangerous than a monkey with a razor blade” is a perfect, beautifully descriptive analogy. Spot on. Anyone know if this is a common turn of...