· October, 2006

Stories about U.S.A. from October, 2006

Mexico: The last moments of Bradley Roland Will

  30 October 2006

Journalism seems like a precarious profession to practise in Mexico. It's ranked by the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) as one of the most dangerous places to be a journalist. The latest tragic example of this came on Friday 27th October, in the southern state of Oaxaca, with the shooting...

Arabisc: Ramadan, War, Freedom and Other Issues

  12 October 2006

With all Muslim countries marking the Holy Month of Ramadan, UAE blogger Bin Kerishan, wonders why people fast. كل العبادات تسبب للانسان الاما و معاناه كالحج و الصلاه و الصيام و الاخير من اقساها و اكثرها ضررا على صحته.. لماذا لا يكون الطقس الديني مسليا؟ كالذهاب لملاقاة الاصدقاء في المقهى...

Congolese Writer Alain Mabanckou on André Schwarz-Bart

  7 October 2006

Alain Mabanckou, a novelist and poet from Congo-Brazzaville now living in California, pays tribute (Fr) to Polish-Jewish writer André Schwarz-Bart, author of Le Dernier de justes who passed away last weekend. Schwarz-Bart, who grew up in France during the German occupation, lived in Guadeloupe with his wife, writer Simone Schwarz-Bart.

Trinidad & Tobago: Different strokes

  6 October 2006

“While the rest of us are lining up for visas, being groped by security guards, having our fingerprints taken and our eyeballs photographed (not to mention having our phone numbers, credit card numbers and meal preferences sent ahead to Homeland Security if we're crossing the Atlantic), US citizens are still...

Barbados: USA eats crow

  6 October 2006

“Will Mr. Barbados give up that new Oriental girlfriend and go back with the rich man’s daughter?” asks a cheeky Barbados Free Press, contemplating the USA's attempts to woo back Caribbean nations who have been accepting gifts from China.

Kangi Alem on American Empire

  6 October 2006

Togolese writer Kangi Alem discusses (Fr) Noam Chomsky's Hegemony or Survival: The Imperialist Strategy of the United States and the dark side of America's international role. Alem calls the U.S. “a highly original form of democracy that imposes itself with arms, bombs and artillery” and says that “the hegemonic pretentions...

US secret detentions: from hotel room to squalid prison cell

  5 October 2006

When President George W. Bush confirmed in a speech last month that the CIA has been operating a programme of secret detentions on foreign territory, it was portrayed by the United States Government as part of its efforts to “bring terrorists to justice”. Yet this programme, along with the controversial...

Russia, Georgia: Unfriendly Relationship

  4 October 2006

A Tbilisi, Georgia, spice seller: “I was taking some photos in the Tbilisi's market and this lady, instead trying to sell me something, she asked me a portrait.” – by tomaradze Georgia (population approx. 4.4 million) arrested four Russian soldiers last week, charging them with espionage. Russia (population approx. 142.4...

Cuba, USA: Swiss cheese embargo

  3 October 2006

“The embargo has more holes than a chunk of processed Swiss cheese,” concludes Luis M. Garcia, as he analyses some of the facts and figures behind the commercial embargo imposed upon Cuba by the USA.

Jamaica: Belonging

  2 October 2006

“I love being honked at by people I barely know. I enjoy feeling that I belong to something even when the guy selling newspapers, and the one hawking hub-caps, and the nearby gardener all ask me for school-fee money for their kids,” writes Francis Wade of the daily interactions that...